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What Makes Bangkok Property a Great Investment Opportunity?

What Makes Bangkok Property a Great Investment Opportunity?

Bangkok’s property market has been attracting droves of investors from around the world. This is clear evidence that Bangkok offers great property investment opportunities. But, what makes Bangkok property such a great investment opportunity? Read on to find out.


  1. Low Entry Prices


The prices required to enter the Bangkok real estate investment markets are much lower in comparison to other popular property markets in the world. The condos are especially popular among foreigners, mainly because the property ownership laws are less restrictive when it comes to condos.


The presence of many property developers and the accelerated pace at which property projects are coming up makes it possible to find great bargains on real estate properties. More daring investors can even try off-plan purchases for an even better bargain.


  1. Bangkok is Very Popular


Bangkok is very popular around the world, and many people visit the country not only to experience its wonders but also to live there on a permanent basis. With the city having a reputation as one of the happiest places to live, many people moving in Thailand will obviously be looking to rent properties in this city. Bangkok’s appeal as a place that offers great life clearly helps improve the success of its property investment sector.


  1. Strong Demand for Rental Property in Bangkok


Bangkok witnesses numerous tourist visits every year. Additionally, many people move into Bangkok to start a new life. All these factors contribute significantly to the high demand for residential property in Bangkok. Tourists visiting the country usually rent properties to stay in, whether over the long term or the short term.


More importantly, with the demand for rental property likely to stay up over the foreseeable future as tourists continue pouring into the city, Bangkok will continue to offer a great investment opportunity for property buyers.


  1. Infrastructure Development


Traditionally, Thailand has had to deal with the unflattering reputation of having horrible traffic jams. Although this did not ruin its property market, it severely hampered is growth. However, the city has now taken major strides towards eliminating this problem though the construction of a reliable train network to serve major areas within the city.


The train system, namely Sky Train and BTS, have increased access to previously unattractive residential locations, improving the quality of the Bangkok property investment market as a whole.


  1. High Yields on Rental Income


Every property investor has to worry about making decent returns from their property investment. However, when investing in Bangkok, this is not a very big concern since the city offers one of the highest yields on rental income in the region. Property owners can expect to get an annual yield of well over 5% every year on properties such as condos. This obviously makes owning property in Bangkok quite lucrative since high returns can be expected on a consistent basis.




Bangkok is one of the most popular overseas destination for investors in real estate property. Some of the reasons why this Thai city has a thriving real estate market filled with great opportunities is because the city has recently acquired world-class transport infrastructure, offers high yields on rental income, and experiences a large influx of tourists looking for rental properties every year.


More importantly, Bangkok also offers low entry prices on properties which makes investors more willing to be part of its real estate market.



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