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7 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

7 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Having indoor house plants in your home can do more than beautify your home. Besides improving your home’s décor, indoor plants also help improve air quality. Indoor plants are also great for people who consider gardening a hobby. Any indoor plant enthusiast will tell you that there are dozens upon dozens of indoor plants to choose from.


However, below is a list of 7 best indoor plants for your home.


1. Aloe Vera

You might know about aloe vera because of its more popular healing properties. However, its uses extend far beyond soothing skin burns and ridding the body of its toxins. Aloe vera is also quite beautiful as a house plant.

Equally important is the fact that this plant will keep the air in your house clean. For the person who does not naturally have the capacity to care for plants, an aloe plant is a great choice because it requires very little maintenance.


2. Peace Lilies/Spathipyllum

Peace lilies have great decorative abilities due to their lovely flowers. This is definitely a good choice if you love the sight of flowers and don’t want the hassle of having to buy a bouquet that withers away in a few days on a regular basis.

A peace lily also purifies the air by removing toxins such as ammonia, benzene, acetone and so forth.


3. Spider Plant

The spider plant is a favorite among lovers of indoor plants. This plant is great at air purification, and actually gets away the toxins that ‘air fresheners’ introduce to your house, for instance, formaldehyde and xylene.


4. Jade Plant/”Money Tree”

Jade tree is popular for a number of reasons, one of which is the believe that this plant can bring about good luck. However, with proper care, this plant can live for decades and provide you with great aesthetic benefits.

The jade plant is also not very demanding in terms of care, all you need is to soak it in water and wait for the soil to dry out before drenching it in water once again.


5. Palm

A palm plant is a popular choice for indoor plant. This plant is quite beautiful to look at, which means it will do a lot to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Palm plants are also quite hardy, and also great at purifying a home of toxins such as carbon monoxide, benzene and so forth.


6. Cactus

A cactus plant is an ideal choice for someone who lacks the time or the natural capacity to care for more demanding house plants. This plant can handle unimaginable levels of neglect without showing any signs of dying.

More importantly, the plant will give your home a bright decorative effect.


7. Fern Plant

A fern has a remarkable aesthetic benefit when placed in your house. Additionally, a fern will do very well in tropical climates, and does not have to be placed in direct sunlight for it to thrive. Ferns also release moisture and rid your home of common toxins.


If you take your home’s décor seriously, having an indoor plant is something you must do. Indoor plants improve your home’s physical appeal by creating a more welcoming and beautiful environment. Additionally, a good house plant will get rid of common toxins around your home so that you live in a healthier environment.

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