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The Delights Of Khao San Road

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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There is no question about it, Khao San Road in Bangkok holds many delights. You definitely can’t afford to miss some of the attractions this part of Bangkok has to offer if you are in Thailand to have a good time.


Below are some of the delights this interesting venue offers its endless stream of fun-seeking guests.



Khao San Road never sleeps, you can literally party all night. Even when bars close in the wee hours of the night, the streets offer a more inviting venue for the undying party spirit that engulfs all people who are still in Khao San Road at this time of the night.


In the streets, bands usually set up so that revelers can dance and party until dawn right in the streets.


Make New Friends

There is no better place to make new friends than Khao San road. For one, this place is frequented by nearly every visitor who gets into Bangkok to get a piece of its legendary nightlife. This means that there will be numerous people wishing to meet new people and make new friends.


Luckily, there are numerous social settings that will help bring down social barriers and encourage interaction with like-minded individuals looking to have a good time and meet new people.



Although bars are part of the delightful Khao San nightlife, they still deserve a special mention. Besides drinking yourself silly and getting a taxi back home, you can also engage in other fun activities in Khao San Road. For instance, the bars usually have bands that play popular party songs, so that you can sing along as you drink the night away and meet exciting people.


The bars also offer a great alternative partying scene for the laid-back party-goer. Such bars offer some peace and quiet if you want a break from the high-energy partying going on in the streets or in some of the bars.


Eat Delicious Street Foods

If you are serious about having an unforgettable time in Thailand, then eating top quality street food should be very high on your to-do list.


Khao San Road does not disappoint, the place is literally full of street food vendors offering the best street dishes Thailand has to offer.



If you do not feel like ordering street foods, you always have the option of getting into a restaurant and ordering your favorite Thai dish.


Many of the restaurants have an ambiance that matches the overall exciting party-life that typifies Khao San Road, including great music.



If you like to shop, then you will love Khao San Road. This place is full of vendors who sell all sort of goods, especially clothes and antiques. The prices are also quite friendly, and the whole setting is very exciting and friendly, which adds to the fun you will have while buying your fun t-shirts or memorable keepsakes for your friends back home.


You can also buy pieces of art from talented artists.


Get Tattoos, Massages, and Eat Bugs

If you don’t mind having tattoos once in a while, Khao San Road is a great place for you. There are talented tattoo artists who have all sorts of experience in the art, and can certainly give you whatever you want. Additionally, you can get the world-famous Thai massages that will help you relax as you indulge in the rest of Khao San Road delights.


You can also enjoy special delicacies such as grasshoppers, cockroaches and other insects if you are crazy enough to try these special ‘treats’.


Final Thoughts

It does not matter what time of the day you visit Khao San Road, you are certain to have a good time, thanks to the numerous delights the place has to offer. You can order delicious dishes, do some shopping, go clubbing, meet new friends, and so forth.


Quite literally, this part of the Bangkok city never sleeps, and the delights never stop.

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