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Top 5 Sweet Thai Treats

Top 5 Sweet Thai Treats

Thai cuisine is among the best gourmets that you will ever come across in the world. It is famous because of its diversity in terms of ample medicinal value, outstanding spiciness and ingredients. Most Thai treats are cooked and refined with at least two species or herbs that have medicinal values.


Here is a look at the top 5 sweetest Thai treats.


Mango Sticky Rice Pudding

It is the consummate Thai treat that you will love. It is the most popular Thai treats because of its sweet taste. The sticky rice is soaked in coconut milk, salt and sugar, and then streamed in pandan leaves.


It is served as a base with sticky rice topped up with freshly sliced mango, toasted mung beans and coconut syrup.


Coconut cake

Thai coconut cakes are prepared with fluffy coconut icing. They are made of shredded coconut and coconut milk for an ultimate coconut taste.


Most restaurants and food stalls make their own coconut cakes with freshly-squeezed coconut milk from the local market for the best taste.


Easy Banana, Lychee and Coconut Dessert

This dessert is simple to prepare. Its simplicity may deceive you to believe it is not exotic. People who have tasted it can attest that it is wonderfully exotic and sweet to the extent of being addictive. It is a low fat treat that is incredibly healthy. Its preparation makes good use of leftover bananas and hence very affordable.


It can be served cold or warm depending on your mood or weather. Cold is however superb on a warm night, while serving it warm is great during any time of the year.


Star Fruit in Mango-Orange Sauce Dessert

This is special treat that is easy to make and beautiful to serve. It is healthy since it is prepared with slices of fresh star fruit. Even though the sliced star fruit can be eaten fresh, it can be cooked lightly with added tropical tasting mango-orange sauce for an ultimate taste.


In addition, it can be topped with a drizzle of coconut milk to make it lighter and more delicious.



Thailand is home to an impressive range of fresh fruits, although none can be compared to the Durian. The Durian is the ‘king of all fruits’ with a pungent smell, but very sweet. It features a green shell and iconic spikes on the outer surface. The inside is however very soft with a sweet yellow fruit and a creamy texture that is centered by a large stone. It is used to prepare Thai Duran Sticky Rice which is a mixture of sticky rice, sugar, salt, coconut milk and Durian.


Thai treats are definitely some of the things that you should not miss when to traveling to this stunning ‘Land of Smiles’. The five treats outlined above are just a part of what this country has for you, although they are based on authenticity, popularity, and uniqueness. They are naturally low in calories but they remain high in flavor, taste and texture.

So, be sure to try them and for real, you will treat yourself with sweet things during your visit.

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