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Tips on Keeping your Home Cool in the Bangkok Heat

Tips on Keeping your Home Cool in the Bangkok Heat

Bangkok enjoys hot and steamy weather almost all the time making it necessary for home owners to go out of their way to keep cool. During summer months, temperatures in Bangkok can rise significantly making it difficult for homeowners to keep their homes cool.


In order to keep your house cool without having to dish out large amounts of money to the power company, here are a few tips that you can use at home.


Ventilate your home

Installing fans are an excellent way to keep your home cool. The simplest of them all are window fans as they pull air in to circulate your whole house. Usually, at night and early in the morning are the finest times to open up all the windows and turn on the window fans to air out your house.


This saves you money and energy from running your air conditioner at those times. If your AC is running but isn’t keeping you cool, then you need to consider a maintenance check.


Switch off the lights

Switching of the lights is the simplest and the most cost effective way to keep your home cool. The energy used by a 100-watt bulb emits around 12% heat and only 5% visible light. Replace standard bulbs with compact fluorescent lights or light emitting diodes bulbs, and switch off the lights when not necessary.


The amount of light filtering in through the curtains and blinds should be adequate to provide the light you require.


Install curtains and blinds

Installing curtains and blinds is another helpful way to keep your house cool. These inexpensive window treatments are excellent since they direct the heat away from your house to keep the interiors nice and shaded. Installing blinds on the west and south facing windows can keep the bright rays of the sun out.


Ensure that the white side of your blinds or curtains is facing the outside. Another option that can reduce the heat coming through the windows is solar sun screens and window film.


Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can significantly cool your home. They work well at bringing fresh air in your home. If possible, you should install at least one in each room that you spend a lot of time in. As well as feeling cooler and more relaxed, your energy bills will decrease from not needing to run your air conditioner as much.


Compared to their counterparts, ceiling fans bring lots of wonderful benefits to homeowners.


Switch off electronics

Did you know that electronics such as computers and TVs generate heat when sitting idle or when switched off? It is therefore advisable to unplug electronics when they are not in use. The easiest way to do this is to plug all of your electronics into the surge protector which comes with an on and off switch, then turn off the switch when the electronics are sitting idle.


Stay cool and calm and remember to choose a lighter color the next time you remodel your home because lighter shades reflect a lot of heat.

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