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Thai Expat TV – Watching Your Favorite UK Channels

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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One of the biggest concerns you might have when moving to another country is whether you will still be able to watch your favorite television channels in your new home country. Luckily, for expats moving into Thailand from the UK, the simple answer to this question is yes, thanks to Thai Expat TV.


Here is more you need to know about Thai Expat TV and its ample selection of popular UK channels.


Broad Choice of Channels

Thai Expat TV is a must-have for those who miss English television, mainly because it offers a long list of channels that will definitely make you cope much better if what local Thai television services offer does not meet your entertainment needs.


Some of the UK channels you can watch include BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD, BBC3 HD, BBC4, CBBC, Cbeebies, ITV1 HD, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Film 4, More 4, E4, Channel 5, Sky News, and BBC World News.


You can get more than 10 additional channels by choosing a premium package.


Easy Setup

Having to watch your native country’s television channels while thousands of miles away should probably be a little complicated. However, watching UK TV channels through Thai Expat TV is much easier than you would think. First of all, no VPN and Proxy servers are necessary.


Additionally, once you get the recommended set top box, you just have to plug it into your TV and sit back and watch your favorite channels.

You can even sign up for a free trial to get a feel of this great service, although the free trial software will only work with a Windows operating system.


Good Quality Picture

After watching Thai TV, you will be relieved by the quality of Thai Expat TV. The picture quality is top-notch, which means you will get to enjoy your favorite programs in the same quality you watched them while you were back in the UK.

The scanning and reception is also quite fast, which means you will not have to wait for ages for content to load. Some channels are even available in HD, which should make your viewing experience much more fun.



Thai Expat TV goes a mile further in its goal to increase your convenience by arranging programs in a manner that ensures that you do not miss a thing. All the programs on this television service are available on three time slots each. You can watch a program live as it airs in the UK, or you can watch it with a 6 hour delay after the original broadcast, or an 18 hour delay after the original broadcast.


This means you can schedule your favorite programs around your other daily activities while allowing you to compensate for the inconveniences introduced by time difference between the two countries. Additionally, you can watch Thai Expat TV on your computer or through a set top box.

This should give you a little more flexibility when it comes to your viewing convenience.


Bottom Line

You will have no reason to sit around missing your favorite UK TV channels just because you are now living in Thailand. Thai Expat TV makes sure of that. This high quality TV service ensures that you enjoy your favorite UK TV channels live in Thailand.


You can also watch your favorite programs 6 or 18 hours after the original airing just for added convenience. For lovers of UK TV and quality entertainment in general, Thai Expat TV is a must-have.

One thought on “Thai Expat TV – Watching Your Favorite UK Channels

  • Stuart Day
    on May 6, 2021

    I have expat tv on my series after 20 minutes it stops and goes back to the beginning every time and this happens on the other 2 boxes I have

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