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Moving To Bangkok – What to think about

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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If the company that you work for has offered you the opportunity to move to Bangkok, Thailand, or if you are retiring and looking for a reasonably priced location to spend your retirement years, there are a few simple points to consider before making the big move.


In some respects Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, is a lot like any I large international city. You will have access to many of the same things found in New York, Amsterdam, or Tokyo. Mass transit is available on a somewhat limited basis but Taxis and busses are quite cheap and plentiful. There are a wide range of housing options with few restrictions on foreigners. The language can be a challenge for expatriates but English is taught in all of the schools and is used in business and commerce, especially within the confines of Bangkok.


Moving to Bangkok requires some careful planning and realistic expectations. If you are moving to Bangkok because of the wonderful vacation you once had there you may want to rethink your plans. The people of Thailand are invariably friendly and tolerant of foreigners but living in Bangkok is very different from the tours you probably took on that vacation. The city is crowded and many things we take for granted in the west are absent or very scarce in this massive metropolis. The city itself is a sprawling conglomeration of slums, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities and night life entertainment hot spots and all of them can be located within shouting distance of each other. The city is noisy, the crowds are ever present, and the air can be hot and stifling with a mixture of smells that you will either find intoxicating or repulsive, depending on your sense of adventure and your sense of smell!


Move to Thailand taxi


Probably the number one issue that will make your stay in Bangkok pleasurable or less so is going to be your choice of housing style and location. The key consideration in living quarters is universal and Bangkok is no different; location, location, location. A Bangkok condo close to a light rail or subway station can be a tremendous plus for people who are new to the city. Easy access to mass transit provides you with the ability to get around the city independently and safely. Of course housing within walking distance to a train station is going to be more expensive. Condominiums are numerous and can be either rented or bought by foreigners without a work permit. Depending on your length of stay and budget, you may wish to consider a serviced apartment as well. These units provide individuals with a hybrid combination of hotel like accommodations and services with an apartment style living space. They are generally popular with expats and you will also find that the areas surrounding them are set up to accommodate an international clientele.


If you are moving to Bangkok or Thailand for your job, it is also important to consider how long and what mode of transport your commute will entail. Traffic in Bangkok is notoriously heavy and it is not unusual for a 20 minute commute to take 2 hours if the traffic is worse than usual. Of course the traffic in Bangkok is always worse than usual so plan accordingly.


In the final evaluation your move to Bangkok will entail the same considerations that are required of a move to any large metropolitan location. There are many professional real estate and property agents that can provide you with an informed and professional service level to make your move to Thailand a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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