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Owners! Declutter Your Bangkok Condo for Sale or Rent

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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When some people are considering a Bangkok condo for sale or a rental they see the lifestyle of the occupants and would love to jump right into their shoes. However, more often than not, whilst the apartment might sell an aspiration, people want to add their own touch of individuality. It is arguable whether there is such a thing as good taste and bad but what is without doubt is that there are certainly differences in style ideas. One of the biggest mistakes many vendors make is not allowing prospective buyers to see the wood for the trees; or in this case to see the rooms for the personal possessions, a.k.a other people’s junk.


Of course, it is easy to go the other way too and whilst minimalist, streamlined condos are extremely hip, chic and city-like, they can also look cold, uninviting and decidedly hotel-like too. A family home needs to feel warm and a Bangkok condo ideal for a dynamic young couple needs to feel uncluttered and not have any elements of chintz appeal. Whilst there might be limits on what an owner might want to change in terms of the decor and furnishings, what they can easily do is declutter.


Messy Bangkok Condo for sale


Getting rid of stuff is cathartic too and so this task should be seen as enjoyable rather than a necessary evil to attract the purchasing punters through the door. Most people, even those on the move somewhat through a foreign country, find accumulation of possessions inevitably happens over time. Regardless of whether you have a condo in Bangkok for sale or rent it is always a good idea to have a good clear out from time to time.


First of all look at what you can immediately see and therefore what apartment finders will also see. You need a methodical approach from floor to ceiling. All you should have on the floor are furnishings. If you have any rugs then ask yourself if they could do with a wash or whether they add a nice touch to a room. Try and look with fresh eyes and not be too subjective at your Bangkok condo.You might find that you want to remove some possessions from view but not get rid of them altogether. This could apply if you have any possessions which might be personal but overpower the room. A lifesize portrait of yourself might carry with it all the sentiment in the world but if it is likely to put off purchasers then best to declutter and remove it from view.


A tidy Bangkok Condo


If you have a leaning tower of DVDs then get rid of the ones you’ve watched and are not likely to watch again. You don’t need them. Store the remaining favourites in a drawer. Get rid of old magazines and newspapers. It can look homely to have old copies of the Bangkok Post piled up after Sunday afternoon reads but it just adds to the mess. Be strict with books too and think about all the good you might do with donating some of these unnecessary possessions. There can be a feel-good factor in decluttering your apartment too.


Take down some photographs. Some people like to litter surfaces with familiar faces but this can make a room look dated and not allow the clean lines of the space and furnishings to flow. It also takes away some of the personality of the vendor which can be a positive too. This can apply to pictures if there are perhaps too many, which might make the walls feel as if they are crowding in, or if they are of a particularly acquired taste.


Ornaments, trinkets and knick-knacks can be nice mementos. They remind you of holidays, special occasions, or become as everyday as the furniture. But ask yourself if you really need so many. Get rid of ornaments which don’t match the image you are wanting to reflect. Put little bits and bobs into a box but before you store them away be honest about whether you would really miss them if you never saw them again.


Your clothes might not be on view but they still take up valuable storage space. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months then consider chucking it out. If any item of clothing does not fit you now then don’t hang onto it. Be brutal with your shoes too. If they look shoddy or you have too many of the same types then minimize your collection.


Decluttered Bangkok Condo


In the kitchen you can follow this plan through. Whilst it might be nice to have a dinner set for a party of 25 do you actually ever need that many plates and cutlery? You might have a favorite wooden spoon but if it looks like it has been dipped in soups for the last 30 years then hide it away or throw it in the bin.


Be calculated, strict and decisive when it comes to decluttering. Whilst you don’t want to take the soul out of your Bangkok condo for sale you might want to give it a new lease of life, where less is more.

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