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Furnishing Your New Condo

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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If you have just bought or taken out a long term lease on a new condo, one of the first things you will need to do is purchase new furniture and appliances. While most condos these days come complete with a certain amount of furniture, you are bound to find that there are items you need to buy yourself. These can range from basic kitchen utensils to large pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs and lamps. While there are plenty of places to purchase these items in Bangkok, the range and quality that is on offer can vary dramatically, so it is best to do a little research before you start shopping.


Local supermarkets

Large supermarket chains such as Tesco Local, Big C and Macro tend to carry a wide range of items for the home, including everything that you need for the kitchen and certain items of furniture. Most large supermarkets deliver to your home on request, although it is a good idea to find out in advance if you will be charged for delivery. Also note that many of the products produced in Thailand and other Asian countries do not meet Western standards, so it is best to check them thoroughly before purchasing.



This Swedish company offers a full range of high quality products for the home and can be found just outside Bang Na. One of the great things about Ikea is that most of their large items come flat packed for home assembly, which makes them easier to transport. While the prices of many of the products sold in Ikea can be slightly higher than locally produced products, the quality also tends to be higher and all products come with a guarantee.



If you do not want to pay through the nose for new items for your home it is possible to save money by purchasing them second hand. Many people who are moving home and wish to sell their furniture advertise through Craigslist and there are often some great deals to be had. Of course, it is important to check all items carefully before committing to buy and also be aware that you may need to hire a van if you are purchasing large pieces of furniture.



Many people also sell their furniture through certain Facebook pages such as Bangkok Expats and Desperately Seeking Bangkok. The good things about these pages is that you can contact the seller directly, look at photographs of the items for sale and ask any questions that you might have. If there is not much interest in certain products you might also be able to negotiate a discount if the seller is looking for a quick sale.


Local Press

A quick scan through the pages of local magazines and newspapers such as BK Magazine and the Bangkok Post can also provide you with plenty of products to buy. The main thing to bear in mind when contacting a local seller is that they might not be able to speak English, so it is a good idea to have a Thai speaker with you. Also check the area that they live to make sure that you do not have to go too far out of your way to collect your chosen items.

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