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Interior Design Trends for 2012

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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So, we welcome in the new year, The Year of the Dragon.  The Chinese calendar’s most colourful and flamboyant creature.  It seems that interior designers are taking inspiration from this mythical beast when considering their interior design trends for 2012.  This year, say ‘goodbye’ to all things neutral, calm and coordinated and instead say ‘hello’ to colour, texture and pattern.  That’s right, this year more is definitely more.  Stylists are going crazy for pattern, the more the merrier.


Of course, this look can only be pulled off with some level of organization, just throwing together as many patterns as possible does not a stylish house make, and goodness knows you wouldn’t have to look for long in Bangkok before you’d find pattern and colour in abundance.  Instead, choose a dominant colour, rich and vivid being the order of the day, and work with it, try larger patterns near the ground and more intricate ones further up the walls.  Avoid chaos by inserting some neutral or calmer items to balance out the room.


interior design trends 2012


However, if this all seems too easy and you want to maximise this year’s colour-rich trend many designers are pushing things one step forward and using unique colour combinations, even clashing colours, to heighten intensity.  Again, playing around with ideas is vital here, you’re aiming for exciting yet stylish – not complete anarchy.  Why not take inspiration from Bangkok’s taxis and try blue and red, yellow and green, or hot pink!


Stylists are toting the phrase ‘effortless elegance’ when they talk of this coming year, try to keep this in mind when you begin filling your home with colour and texture.


An easy way to add colour and pattern to your room is through the use of wallpaper.  Having been out of fashion at times, wallpaper is making a comeback.  Look out for antique wallpaper with old-fashioned or retro motifs.  Used correctly it can become a fun focal point all of its own.


Texture too should be played with, being a pattern in its own right.  Try combining various textures to create an enjoyable, hands-on living experience.  In particular, luxurious and soft, comfortable fabrics are making a come-back this year.  As is the idea of interesting texture combinations – steel, stone or brick matched to wood, velvet or silk, for example.


interior design trends 2012


Lastly, lighting is also playing a huge part in this year’s décor.  Again, following the idea of pattern and texture try adding multiple light fixtures to a room to add drama and texture to the walls, and fill the space with light and energy.  This may work best with one main, feature light fixture.  Try and find something unique and eye-catching which can double up as a centre piece as well as flooding your home with light.


If you take one thing away from the upcoming trends for 2012 let it be this, interesting and unusual combinations.  We can see it in all of the main three focal points for this year: colour, texture and pattern.  Experiment and play around with ideas, push yourself out of your comfort zone to create something new and exciting for 2012.


Ultimately, this year’s aim is to fill your home with sanuk, joie de vivre and life – and welcome the year of the dragon in to your lives!

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