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How to Prepare for an Inspection from your Landlord

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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An inspection from your landlord is a big deal for a tenant. Generally, the inspection involves looking for any defects in the house that may result in you losing your security deposit. So, basically, your preparation should ensure that you get back your security deposit when you move out and that you do not get into conflict with your landlord.


A landlord should give you an adequate notice with regard to an inspection, which should give you plenty of time to get the property in order for the inspection. Here are some ways you should prepare for an inspection from your landlord.


Clean up the Place

A very dirty or untidy property can result in the landlord being concerned about the condition of the property in comparison to when you took over the tenancy. For instance, even if nothing is broken, having major stains all of over the property can make the tenant want to keep part of your security deposit, which would be justified because a professional might be needed to clean the place up before the next tenant moves in.

For instance, if there are major stains in the walls, windows, spill stains in the storage room, and so forth, the landlord might need to get cleaning services to clean the place up at your expense. So, get rid of any unusual stains before the inspection comes up.


See what your Rental Agreement Requires

You should go through your lease agreement and see what you legally promised to do with the property once you moved in. For instance, the agreement might have required to keep the place neat, including applying a new coat of paint every once in a while.

The agreement might also have made this the landlord’s responsibility. So, make sure that all your obligations as per the lease agreement have been met before the inspection comes up to make sure you do not get into a dispute with your landlord.


Cross-check the Conditions Report Against the Property’s Current Condition

Some tenants also create a conditions report during the start of the tenancy as proof of the condition of the house when you moved in. Repairs can be made on the house during your tenancy based on issues identified in this report, and changes to the conditions report should be made as appropriate.

Generally, you should ensure that the house’s condition reflects your most recent conditions report. Which means that if you found anything broken or in poor working condition when you moved in, you do not end up being the person to pay for it.


Start the Preparations Early

Once you set the date for an inspection with your tenant, start preparing as soon as possible. The work of getting the property back the condition you found it in may not seem like much, but towards the end, you may be too busy with other things, for instance, moving to a new place that you do not have time to get the place into the condition your landlord expects to find it in.

This might end up costing you part or all your security deposit. Therefore, you should start sprucing up the place as soon as the inspection date has been determined.



Generally, a preparation before an inspection should prevent you into getting into a dispute with your landlord and avoid losing some of your deposit money. You should start by cleaning up the place, especially if unusual stains or dirt has been introduced to the property under your tenancy.

You should also look at the lease agreement and the conditions report to see what a landlord should expect during an inspection in order to give you your deposit back. Additionally, you should prepare for the inspection early enough.

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