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Where to Volunteer in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Volunteering in Bangkok goes beyond the well beaten tourists track. Volunteers find themselves on the front line of this amazing city. Prospect volunteers can apply for projects that suit them with organizations which are usually coordinated by the Friends for Asia. Volunteers do more than visiting temples, sampling the cuisine and visiting different sites. A good number of them join dynamic groups which are dedicated to transform the locals by providing support to those in need, facilitating healthcare and promoting better education.


The following is a close look at where you can volunteer in Bangkok.


Women’s empowerment projects

Young women and single mothers from broken homes face a myriad of challenges in Thailand. The challenges are mainly compounded in the city since the cost of living is quite high. The population density is also high making it easy for the victims to be overlooked by organizations that provide welfare and support.


Volunteers work with underprivileged women providing them with the education and support they need to overcome poverty.


Orphanage volunteer

Volunteering in orphanages in among the most rewarding services one can offer in Thailand. The volunteers make the kids happy since they see there are people who have genuine interests in their lives. Orphanage volunteers usually work Monday to Friday from 8 am in the morning to 3 pm.


Medical internships

Some volunteers are medical interns with teaching and private hospitals in Bangkok. Such volunteers advance their career by offering medical services. They shadow real doctors as they treat patients, perform surgeries and make rounds.


English education projects

These projects aim at improving the proficiency of English in Bangkok. This is among the most effective ways of helping the underprivileged people in Bangkok establish their upward mobility. Prospects volunteers should join the program as volunteer English teachers.


Refugee volunteer

Bangkok is in strategic place in the region that makes it a relief place for most organizations and NGOs. These organizations connect asylum seekers from central Asia with aid workers. Volunteers work with the refugees helping them prepare for transition to a new host country.



This project is specifically meant for people who like working with children. It works with kindergarten and preschool-age children in Bangkok. The project builds up a basis of development for the less privileged children. It helps kids from local slums develop constructive and strong social skills which are vital for survival in the Bangkok schools and society at large.


General volunteer work

General volunteer revolve around helping poor families by taking care of their children and educating them on parenting. Some volunteers support artisans where they take part in simple and complex tasks including photography position. Volunteers doing general work should be willing to commit their lives towards improving the lives of the locals.


Most volunteering projects cover a minimum of 2-4 weeks with international injury and accident insurance, 24-sour support, accommodation, training and orientation. Prospect volunteers should feel free to apply with any organization that provides humanitarian support in Bangkok. Most of these organizations have good accommodation with great places to unwind, meet and interact with other volunteers.

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