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How to Save Money on Your Condo Bills

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Living in Bangkok can be expensive.  Too many trips up the state tower and nights on Khao San road can be expensive. Saving money will always have its advantages:  whether you’re strapped for cash or could use a few extra beer tokens for Bangkok nightlife, its worthwhile spending some time trying to cut down on your monthly bills.


First and foremost you need to be able to manage the money that you already have.  Spending half an hour creating a monthly budget will help you to realize exactly what you’re spending and where you can save.  Cut your budget into categories including electric, gas and water, food; phones TV and broadband; maintenance and cell phone.  Once you have a handle on your spending it will become clear where your money goes and what you need to cut down on.  If you’re spending too much money on nights out, you may wish to switch to some cheaper activities like visiting Lumpini Park.  Alternatively you could spend more time in your Bangkok condo.


Price comparison sites are a great way to cut down on your monthly bills.  By looking at what deals are cheapest you will know if you are overpaying.  If you do not want the hassle of switching providers you can always call your existing provider to inform them of the price difference. They will no doubt match the deal rather than lose a customer.  Threatening to leave is a great way to price haggle and nobody will mind if you do end up staying with your existing provider.


If you are still paying separately for a phone line, internet and digital TV then combining the three bills will no doubt save you money.  You can additionally use price comparison websites to negotiate a good deal and grab yourself a bargain.  Even if you don’t manage to cut down the cost of your bills you may be able to secure a free upgrade, so it’s worth a little research and a phone call.


Bit of a chatterbox?  Using Skype is a great way to cut down on phone bills.  Typing to your friends at home and abroad is free including a live video feed and international calls are a lot lower than using landlines or mobiles.  You can always call your friends briefly to get them online and let Skype do the rest.


You should make sure that your Bangkok condo is insured.  If something were to happen and you weren’t covered, it would cost you a colossal amount of money.  Home insurance premiums don’t have to break the bank.  Once again you can use price comparison sites to secure a good price and if use a little intellect you can reduce the price even further.
Home insurance can, for instance, be affected by the age of the person who takes out the policy.  If you take out a joint policy you may reduce the cost of your home insurance.  You should also be careful not to over valuate your home and push up the costs of your insurance.  Ensure you aren’t guilt tripped into adding anything unnecessary to your insurance.


Saving just a few hundred baht per month on each bill can add up to a substantial amount over a year.  If you save enough baht on enough bills you may just be able to afford a night at the State Tower!



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