Clever ways to save energy in your Bangkok Condo


Making your condo more energy efficient and lowering your power bills doesn’t rely on you splashing out loads of Baht or making drastic changes to the way you live. Lowering your energy consumption can be done by simply eliminating a few bad habits and being more conscious of how you act and consume energy around your home.


Here are few simple yet effective ways to lower your energy consumption and decrease your utilities bill:


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Be more conscious of how you use electronics

Electronic appliances can make up over 20% of a modern Bangkok condo utility bills so changing the way you use electronics in your home can have an immediate impact in lowering your energy consumption.


Televisions, DVD players, set-top boxes all  continue to use up electricity when in standby mode. It may not be a significant amount over the period of a day or week, but over the length of a year simply turning these units off when they are not in use will make a notable difference to how much energy you consume (and how much you pay!).


Laptops and desktop computers are often the biggest problem, with many people leaving their computers and monitors on for long periods of time when they are not in use. If you can’t turn your computer off or put it into hibernate mode, at the very least turn off the monitor when you are not using it.


Chargers are a very secret energy consumer. Even when you are not charging your phone or laptop the charger will still continue to eat up electricity just by being plugged in. If you are not using a charger then make sure to unplug it is unplugged, and don’t leave a phone or laptop charging over night when the charging is likely to be done after an hour or two.

by following the above you can be sure to save money on your electric bill when renting property.



Wash less often

We are talking about laundry here rather than cutting down on how often you shower! The simple fact is you will consume the same amount of electricity by washing a small laundry load as you would with a full load, so by leaving washing until times when you have enough to fill the machine means instantly lowering your energy consumption. This will not only lower your energy consumption but it will mean doing less laundry!


You can also cut the electricity used by your washing machine by using a cold water cycle as often as possible, this itself can cut consumption by a further 5%.



In the kitchen

A huge amount of energy is simply wasted in kitchen, especially during cooking time.


What type of over do you use?
Convectional ovens use around 20% less energy than conventional ones, while microwaves consume as much as 80% less electricity.


Hobs are another quick consumer, and by using small hobs when cooking with small pans and using lids on pans to heat food quicker, can lower the time and energy taken during cooking.



Air conditioning

The biggest consumer of electricity in any modern Bangkok condo will undoubtedly be air conditioning units, making up for around 50 to 80% of your utility bills.


By making slight alterations to how you use your air conditioning is a sure fire way to see an instant decrease in energy consumption and your electric bill.


  • It’s pretty obvious but use fans when and wherever possible instead of air conditioning. Air conditioners are great for immediately cooling a room down but fans pretty effective in keeping a room cool once you’ve had the air con on for a short spell.
  • Keep doors shut in rooms you are trying to cool down, by leaving them open you are only making the air conditioner work harder and longer.
  • Use curtains and blinds to keep rooms cool. When the sun is beating down on a room draw the curtains and blinds, even if you are not using that room by keeping it as cool as possible you are working to reduce the temperature of your condo.
  • If you do need to use your air conditions frequently then try turning the temperature up a few degrees. Every degree you raise the temperature of your air conditioner mean more electricity saved.
  • Get to know the settings on your air con remote, many modern air conditioners have ECO settings specifically to help you cut down on energy consumption. Read the manual and see what options you have.
  • Last but not least, get your air conditioners regularly serviced. It may seem like an extra expense but efficient air conditioning units consume less electricity than inefficient ones, and¬† a regular service will save you money.