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5 Up-and-Coming Thailand Bloggers You Need to Watch

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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There has been a substantial growth in the number of blogs dedicated to life in Thailand. Many of Thailand’s greatest aspects, for instance, top tourist destinations and Thai food, are explored by these industrious bloggers.


Below are 5 up-and-coming Thailand bloggers you need to watch if you would like to stay up-to-date on all matters Thailand.


  1. Prisana Nuechterlein


If you would like to know what Thailand offers for an adventurous tourists beyond what a typical travel brochure dares to disclose, then Prisana has just what you need. Prisana has traveled far and wide within Thailand and its neighboring countries, which places her in a prime position to offer invaluable insights on locations that may offer great outdoors thrills such as kayaking and diving in unique locations. Her blog, chronicles many of these exciting exploits.


  1. Takaya Kudo


Taste of Siam, a blog by Takaya Kudo, will make you fall in love with the broad and exciting Thai cuisine if an experience of the wonderful Thai dishes has not already made you a Thai food connoisseur. Takaya also offers recipes to popular Thai dishes for those who would like to try making the dishes themselves. Without a doubt the extensive list of delicious Thai dishes that this blog offers makes Takaya Kudo a blogger who should be followed closely by anyone serious about understanding Thai dishes.


  1. Teacher Wee


One of the challenges of moving into Thailand is the language barrier. This is where Teacher Wee comes in. She helps foreigners understand Thai language easily and through a variety of means including Skype through her website This personal touch to learning Thai will obviously give you an edge over expats who simply learn a few Thai survival phrases from some general Thai website.


  1. Wise Kwai


Wise Kwai is an avid blogger who tells you what’s what on the Thai cinema scene., provides a comprehensive list of Bangkok cinemas and other locations where you can catch a newly released movie. Additionally, Kwai also lists movies that have just been released, and also offers a quick review to help you determine whether or not a movie is worth your time.


  1. Mayank Kukreja


Mayank Kukreja is a blogger who is keen on keeping you informed on the hottest entertainment news around Bangkok. If you love the Bangkok nightlife, then you will also love Mayank. His blog,, provides timely information on upcoming parties, great places to do your shopping, where to get great western dishes and places to visit during major holidays such as the colorful New Year’s Eve parties. On this blog, you will also get tips on visiting popular entertainment joints such as Khao San road, bars, discotheques, massage parlours, and venues of major Thai festivals.




The list of Thai bloggers who show a lot of promise continues to grow.


However, the above list shows some of the bloggers worth following given the high quality of information they offer and the breadth for knowledge they provide about life in Thailand.


The bloggers handle topics such as touring Thailand, Thai cuisine, learning to speak Thai, the country’s movie scene as well as it vibrant entertainment scene superbly and in great detail.


These bloggers will definitely make your life in Thailand so much easier.

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