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Worst Places to Live in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Some Context

Bangkok like any other major metropolis has its fair share of areas to avoid.


Not so much because they’re unlivable, like perhaps some dangerous parts of famous cities in the West but because they have some local flavors and nuances that aren’t so palatable after a while.


There are no ‘no go’ areas in Bangkok or Thailand though there are some slum areas that a visitor might want to be fluent in Thai to communicate clearly if wandering around.


Khao San Road

Khao San road is the backpacker’s mecca of the planet.


Make no mistake it’s one of the most fun parts of Bangkok to head out to for the weekend or even stay in for a few days before visiting some of the beaches further down South, but to live close to this area is to run the risk of learning to loathe white people.


These budget travelers are usually kind and compassionate souls, but after a while their wonder and amazement at Thailand is not the kind of conversation that is going to enthrall the long-time resident. They’re on a budget too, so money is topic of conversation that can become a little tedious after a number of discussions, and there’s only so many times your recommendations can be repeated before it sounds like you’re a free tourist guide making no commissions.


There are Thai Bars and Restaurants in Khao San Road and these are the places any resident is going to head over to for the relaxed and sophisticated clientele who like to be around the Farang Westerners but don’t necessarily want to sell them their tickets to the next island.


Soi Nana – Sukhumvit Soi 4

Nana is great fun to head over to once in a while as a resident of Bangkok. Along with Patpong and Soi Cowboy it’s one of the three major red light or Go Go bar areas, but unlike the other two there’s a strong overspill of working girls there who start in the morning.


It’s one thing to have a couple of light ales and head out to a Girly Bar before heading home but it’s another issue entirely to wake up for work and find oneself accosted on the road either by Tuk Tuks, Ticket touts, massage girls or working prostitutes looking for their next customer.


There are some nice properties down Soi 4 but sadly the chances of being targeted for work make the experience of living there not so pleasant.


Central World Bangkok

Central World is the sixth largest shopping complex in the world. It’s terrific to visit for the latest fashion and styles or to pick up a gift for a close friend.


During the year they have promotions and outdoor events in the evening where people can join to sit down on tables and enjoy drinking beers and food. However during the day Central World is on one of the most polluted streets in Bangkok and the air on a hot day can be unbreathable.


Not a pleasant experience if thinking of being a resident nearby.

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