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Where is the Best Street Food in Bangkok?

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Bangkok, Thailand. Home to over 14 million people is a hub and center for development and an exciting fusion of cultures. Being the capital and most developed city in Thailand, Bangkok boasts of a cool balance between bustling industry developments that maintenance of old traditions and history of the area. This center of Thailand’s economy and modernization has a culture that reflects the disposition.


The urban center is the meeting point of the Western ideals and the traditional Thai values are blended to create a marvelous experience to natives and tourists alike. Lifestyles of people in Bangkok reflect this in the most evident manner: almost everyone owns a cell phone and wears traditional clothing.


You can imagine why this city is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. In the streets are royal palaces and temples, museums, and other historical cultural attractions.


So you may be wondering, “What is the absolute best part of Bangkok?” Well, it is the food of course! Away from the hyper-touristy areas, the palaces, the museums and the crowded streets of Chinatown is where the gems are found, usually by accident.


As you walk through the city streets, the most distinct feature you will notice is the abundance of street vendors selling all kinds of things, including but not limited to, food items. If you are a tourist, you know what to do—go on and try every single one that you can manage while on your stay.


For natives on the other hand, it is likely but not guaranteed that they have already have picked out your favorite vendor for every meal. You will find freshly cooked meals prepared right in front of you with marvelous fresh ingredients.


Some of the most popular vendor dishes include mango sticky rice (yum!), stir fry with pork or chicken, roast pork belly, steamed crab, pad si ew, pad thai, mango steen, curry, and much more.


The place where you can find all this is Sukhumvit Soi 38. Located close to BTS at Thong Lor, this place is where you can find your initiation into tasting of Thai street food. The food on this street is cheap, delicious, and prepared quickly and in a hygienic environment.


This location is now famous with tourists, but still has a place in the hearts of natives. For pad thai, the staple street food, there is an extremely popular vendor stall called “Pad Thai Fire Look” run by an old man with a passion for preparing this food. Further down the street are vendors with delicious smoothies and fruit from the motherland itself.


Chicken and pork satays are the next best thing on Soi 38, there is plenty of great stalls with freshly prepared satays. Mango sticky rice is also a favorite for visitors on Soi 38. If you have $10 in your pocket and are visiting Soi 38, you are in for a delicious treat of a lifetime.


Not only will you experience the best tasting native food Bangkok has to offer, but also a front row seat of the daily bustling city life of the natives. This is an insight with this respect.

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