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What Hospitals In Bangkok Are Best For Expats?

What Hospitals In Bangkok Are Best For Expats?

One of the major things to consider when moving to Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand, is the healthcare facilities offered. Thailand by and large is known in its region as a provider of quality healthcare options – both public as well as private – for its locals.


The Ministry of Public Health oversees clinics and hospitals nationwide, while the Medical Registration Division under the Department of Health Service Support under the ministry overlooks private sector healthcare. Expats in Bangkok will find numerous public and private healthcare facilities where affordable care is available.


Here is a look at the best hospitals and clinics for expats in Bangkok.


Public Hospitals


Public healthcare services are seen by local standards as cheaper than those offered at private hospitals. However, note that price is not a signifier of quality, as many doctors in private hospitals also work part time in some public hospitals. The following are the best public hospitals for expats, where language is not a problem and quality care is available.


  • Bangkok Christian Hospital


This is Bangkok’s oldest hospital and also one of the top public hospitals in the city. It was founded in 1949 by the Church of Christ and the American Presbyterian Mission. The Bangkok Christian Hospital is one of the top choices for expats, since it offers quality care at par with any private hospital, at more affordable costs.


Services offered include pediatrics, radiology, internal medicine, dermatology as well as LASIK treatments that are a big draw in medical tourism to Thailand.


Private Hospitals


  • Bumrungrad International


Locals may find Bumrungrad expensive by Thai standards but international tourists and expats find this private hospital very suitable for services in 30 different specialties. Multilingual and highly qualified staff and modern equipment plus several international accreditations since 1980 makes this hospital very popular among the international visiting community.


  • Bangkok Nursing Hospital


Some services of the Bangkok Nursing Hospital may be more pricey than Bumrungrad, but the BNH is over 100 years old (it was established in 1898) and has won several awards. A host of specialty clinics and international accreditations makes BNH a good place to get treated.


  • Bangkok Hospital


Founded in 1972, Bangkok Hospital is the umbrella under which over 13 medical facilities and hospitals offer highly educated staff and state of the art equipment. There are also several specialty centers operated by the hospital, and it has won many international accreditations for its services.


  • Phayathai Hospitals


This is a group of private hospital where services are affordable. There are several of these hospitals around town – Phayathai 1 and 2 are located in the city center while Phayathai 3 lies in the Thonburi area. Equipment is provided by Philips and there are international wards, interpreters and free online consultation and advice for international patients and tourists.



Other hospitals where expats can find good service and some English speaking staff include Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Suanluang, Samitivej Sukhumvit on Sukhumvit Road, Kasemrad Hospital on Prachachue Road and Saint Louis Hospital in Yan Nawa.


Expats who don’t have private medial insurance are recommended to obtain some coverage for themselves and their families.

There are plenty of good insurance products available. When seeking the services of a hospital, it is advisable to ask plenty of questions and make sure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan proposed before you go ahead with it.

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