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Top Schools in Bangkok for expat kids

Top Schools in Bangkok for expat kids

Expats parents living in Bangkok are usually concerned of how to get the best schools for their kids.


The process becomes daunting since most public schools are internationally uncompetitive, overcrowded and use Thai language for teaching.


However, there are several suitable international and private schools for expat kids that parents may choose to enroll their children.


These schools have a good reputation with highly qualified teachers, various extramural activities and quality amenities.


The following are the top schools in Bangkok for expat kids that take kids until they are 18.


Harrow International School

It is linked to the historic Harrow School and located at North Bangkok. It was founded in 1998 with a mission of providing all-round education like the original Harrow School.


Most of the pupils in HIS are Thai and Britons with respective percentages of 58 and 12 of the total pupils. The school uses English national curriculum where the core subjects are information technology, mathematics, science and English in the primary level.


All pupils take Thai studies and are allowed to choose a modern language during years five and six. International GCSEs are taken in the secondary school followed by A-levels.


The formal admission of this school is non-selective, but pupils above seven years take a test that assesses their academic potential.


The fees range from £6,869-£13,879 a year with entrance fee of 250,000 baht per child and extra fees that covers items such as transport.


Bangkok Patana School

It is a benchmark of international and British schools in South East Bangkok. It was founded in 1957 as a non-profitable organization providing a UK-style education for British expats.


It has retained a strong culture of academic excellence since its foundation. The school has a modified version of English education curriculum from the early years to secondary education with English national exam in year six.


The school is not selective as far as admission of kids is concerned and operates on waiting policy. Nevertheless, prospect pupils are expected to be fluent in English or at a stage where they can achieve English fluency quickly.


The annual tuition fee range from £4,689- £10,254 with additional boarding fee of £5,004-£5,880.


Shrewsbury International School

It is situated in a magnificent 20-acre land in central Bangkok near the banks of the main river of the city. It was established in 2002 as a franchise of Shropshire Shrewsbury School.


Seventy percent of the pupils are Thai followed by Britons. The school follows the English national curriculum closely with some local adaptations. It teaches international GCSEs as well as A-levels in the 6th form.


The admission of the school is selective since incoming pupils undergo math tests alongside English IQ. Moreover, pupils must show academic excellence to proceed from the prep to senior section and from stage 4 to the 6th form.


Meals and tuition fee total to £8,386-£14,993 per year plus an admission fee and deposit of 100,000 baht.


KIS International School

It is licensed by the Ministry of Education as an active member of Thailand International Schools Association.


It competes at different levels in the arena of cultural and sports activities with other international schools. It has enjoyed a reputation among expat families, businessmen and diplomats since 1951.


It offers a full IB, International Baccalaureate program with grade class level, primary year programs for 3-11 years old, middle year program for 11-16 years old and pre-university IB diploma program for 16-18 years old.

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