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Top Five Ways to Improve Your Thai Home

Flowers Transform a Home

Home owners, particularly men, often forget that the addition of a vase or two of flowers can transform even the most unruly or messy home. Flowers show an emotional investment in the living environment and an appreciation of beauty that dominates even a behind-schedule clean up or the delay of a maids visit.


Some of the most extraordinary Thai orchids and flowers are to be discovered and appreciated in Thailand. A reasonable budget of just a couple of thousand Baht can contribute an effect of appreciation towards the organic life as well as a love of ecology.


These are the hallmarks of a human being and don’t forget the natural perfume of fresh Thai flowers is irreplaceable.


The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home

Have you ever noticed that people congregate around Kitchens during parties? Of course the presence of food and drinks is a good reason, but all around the planet, the kitchen is an ancient archetype that evokes deep emotions stretching back untold millennia in our genetic makeup. The kitchen is the matriarchal centre and emotional heart of a home. Universally the kitchen is understood to represent comfort and replenishment.


Surprisingly the replacement of a kitchen can transform the emotional resonance of a home and it’s not as expensive as you might think. The replacement of unsightly kitchen fittings to new and unbranded equipment will make an astonishing impact on the look of your home, and doesn’t require the investment of new branded fridges, cookers or washing machines.


Imagine your old kitchen completely transformed into a blaze of new-looking wholesome heartiness and nobody the wiser that the old unsightly expensive brands have been replaced by generic but beautiful looking goods.


It’s Time to Get Rid of Clutter

We’re all guilty of accumulating things we have no need of and rarely ever use. Take a look around your home, and it’s usually self-evident that things are taking up space for no reason at all, while at the same time ruining the visual aesthetic of your Thai home.


We all get attached to the flotsam and jetsam we’ve picked up in life, but the cheapest and simplest way to transform your home is to throw out, sell or give away what you don’t really need.


Make That Bathroom Stand Out

The bathroom is the home of human ablutions and though visitors are accustomed to different styles of interior décor, the standards for a clean and hygienic bathroom are nearly universally. At a cosmetic level a simple scrub of the tile grout with dedicated cleaning materials that are commonly found at home improvement and larger supermarket stores is the solution.


A sparkling white tile grout leaves a permanent impression on users of your bathroom that leaves a lasting positive impression.


No Need to Think. Do Some Research

A short visit to your local home improvement or DIY store can contribute a range of ideas that are simply not so easy to think of sitting in your Thai home.


Simple ideas like new hooks and storage solutions are on display in aisle after aisle for you to peruse and take inspiration for your Thai home.


Failing that, an hour or two browsing through books and magazines in your local library or book shop can be a wonderful alternative.

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