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Top 6 Thai Superstitions and Taboos

Top 6 Thai Superstitions and Taboos

Most of the Thai population grew up believing that the superstitions and taboos that they heard were all true. Some still believe this even when they reach adulthood, whilst others often use these to tease their friends.


Below is a list of some popular superstitions and taboos that you may here about during your time in Thailand!



A tukkae is a sort of large Gecko that you may find wandering around your home now and again. If it is night time and you here a tsk tsk tsk type noise, you best not leave your house!


Rumour has it that the tukkae is warning you not to go out as something bad will happen to you.


Dreaming of a Snake

Long ago it was believed that if you dream of a snake you will shortly meet your soul mate. If you dreamt that the snake was wrapping itself around you then you will meet the person very soon.


If you were already in a relationship and you dreamt of a snake, it means that there is someone who has a crush on you!


Dreaming of a black snake that was trying to poison you means that something bad is going to happen.


Do Not Sweep Your House at Night

This taboo dates back to the time when there was no electricity. If you swept at night you couldn’t see what you were sweeping out of the door and could possibly be unknowingly sweeping away money or valuables.


You would also be sweeping up dust that you would likely breathe in when you settled down to sleep.


Do Not Tell Someone Their Baby is Cute

Telling a Thai person that their baby or toddler is cute is a big no no! This is because it is believed that if you make such a remark evil spirits will take the child away. You can however tell them the child is ugly…something you certainly wouldn’t do in the western world.


This is also a reason why some people have horrible nicknames such as Moo (pig) and Uan (Fat)


Do Not Point at a Rainbow

If you see a rainbow on your travels do not point at it or your finger will be amputated. This taboo is a popular one in Thailand that even expats often hear about. The reason for its existence is not known, but some believe that rainbows were once believed to be holy and therefore should not be pointed at.


Singing in the Kitchen

Once upon a time rice cookers did not exist and the grain was instead cooked using coal as the heat source. It was believed that women who sang while cooking were likely to burn the rice and this would lead to them ending up with an old husband.


This taboo was used to scare maids in the kitchen as no one wanted to end up with an old husband in them days.



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