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Top 5 Tools Everyone in the Property Industry Should Be Using

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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As technology keeps advancing, the tools that are necessary for success in the property industry are constantly being developed. Today, property agents, property developers, buyers and seller have to make use of these technology and devices in order to yield maximum returns from their assets.


The following is a complied list of top five tools that everyone in the property market should be using.


1. A portable scanner

For many years, real estate developers and agents have been burdened by the need to carry around huge stacks of paper work on their properties. They can now say good bye to these through turning their smart phones or tablets into portable scanners. With huge amounts of paper work that property agents need to deal with, an advanced app like a scanner installed in smart phones and tablets can significantly enable quick scanning and saving of documents just with a click of a button.


Things can even get simpler if clients download this app to facilitate quick exchange of signed documents to and fro with much ease. A portable scanner is certainly one of the most important tools that property developers and agent need to have.


2. Social media

Social media is clearly taking over as a modern and most successful marketing tool. Social media has over 3 billion connections of people who offer a potential market for the property industry. For example, if you have the most beautiful house or property that you want to sell or lease out, the beauty or luxury that comes with it won’t count if you don’t have the best platform where you can put your property for display.


Social media is very important when it comes to looking for customers and interacting with other potential clients.


Creating a profile on a social media platform is not enough; you have to actively manage the account to promote brand awareness and share useful information about your expertise and business.


3. Storage tool

There are many storage tools that are being developed each day such as Drop-box etc. In order for property agents to solve the problems of sharing or storing real estate images, housing information and contacts they have to make use of this tool.



All they will need to do is send a link to their client’s inbox of where the information is stored instead of filling vital space on their computers because all the information will be uploaded on the cloud.


4. Financial support apps

Buying property is an intimidating process and most people need a visual aid to help them understand the value of the real estate. If you want to advise your clients on loans and mortgage investments you need a financial support app such as mortgage calculators.


This will help your clients make an informed financial decision before buying the property.


5. Video footage

Video footage of the property can really differentiate a genuine property agent and a competitor. By providing images and videos of the real estate, house buyers can get the actual taste of what they expect, thus allowing them to narrow down to their most preferred property before scheduling for the viewing day.

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