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Top 5 Tips For Ordering Street Food in Thailand

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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One of Thailand’s main attractions is its world-famous cuisine, especially the broad variety of street foods. Street foods form an integral part of Thai culture.


More importantly, by ordering your foods from street carts rather than just restaurants, you can enjoy additional dishes that will make you fall in love with this country all over again.


Nevertheless, you should observe the tips below when ordering street foods in Thailand.


1. Have Specific Knowledge about the Food You Are Ordering

Thai dishes may have regional variations that could create distinct experiences to some people.


Still, you should not make assumptions about the dishes, especially with regard to their ingredients.


Various street food vendors may prepare the same dish differently, especially considering the long list of ingredients that usually typify most Thai foods.


So, make sure that the food you are ordering excludes any undesired possible ingredients to avoid buying something you do not want.


2. Learn Some Thai Phrases for Ordering Street Foods

Most expats in Thailand shy away from the country’s street cuisine simply because they do not have the language to place orders for the foods they want.


Knowing some common terminologies, for instance, phet, which means spicy, can help you be more confident when placing your orders.


More importantly, you will be better placed to know exactly what you want in addition to expanding your knowledge of Thai street cuisine.


3. Know Some of the Best Places to Order Street Food

If you want the best street foods, you will also need to put some effort into finding out the top street food spots nearest to you.


For instance, if you are in Bangkok, Chinatown is a great place to order street food because there are countless stalls and several authentic street dishes.


4. Be Aware of the Thai Eating Etiquette

You should make a point of understanding eating habits in Thailand. For instance, when given a dish with a fork and a spoon, you should know that the fork should never go to your mouth.


You should use the fork to place the food on the spoon and then put the spoon in your mouth.


Hands are also used commonly while eating. For instance, rice, a staple of the Thai food culture, is oftentimes eaten by being rolled into balls using the fingers.


5. Order Your Food from the Popular Street Food Carts/Stalls

The reason to do this is simple – the street food vendors that get the most customers often have the best dishes, especially when they are popular among the locals.


Street food vendors are very competitive, and try to attract more customers by offering more delicious foods.


Furthermore, if food safety is something you are concerned about; popular vendors are the best bet because you can be sure that they constantly have fresh food.



Thai street food is legendary. Nevertheless, a few tips could help you fully exploit this wholesome part of the revered Thai food culture.


In general, learning some local terms for the foods you like will help you get what you want. Other than that, you should know some of the best places to order street food, learn some Thai eating etiquette, and stick to popular street food vendors to get the best dishes.

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