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Top 4 Cities to Own Real Estate in Thailand

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Thailand undoubtedly happens to be one of the trendiest Southern Asia locales renowned for offering the best living abroad. Blessed with a 24/7/365 tropical climate, mountainous jungle haunts, pristine white sandy beaches, and an overabundance of mystifying ancient temples, Thailand is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of western living.


Not to mention an amiable local population that goes out of their way to welcome foreigners.


Naturally, there are many regions in this amazing nation where expats can comfortably settle, and this article will review 4 of the most notable.



Once a busy Chinese trading port, Bangkok is Thailand’s capital that has over the year evolved into a sprawling cosmopolitan city whose skyline is characterized by glimmering skyscrapers. There are also plenty of luxury resorts and hotels as well as a world-class transportation system. Most expats prefer living within the heart of Bangkok, and Sukhumvit Road is especially popular with many foreigners.


Indeed, you will find the very best condos, restaurant, shopping malls as well as an active nightlife in thus area.


Sukhumvit Road is also strategically located within close proximity to the elevated skytrain and MRT underground. Asoko is also another trendy part of this city where you can access modern condos and homes.


The suburbs of Bangkok are also extremely popular with expats, and you will find areas like Bang Na and Nonthaburi brimming with an authentic western feel.


Chiang Mai

Located on the foothills of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers spectacular mountain views and an easy going life that most foreigners just adore. Should you be looking for a tranquil haven where you can connect with your inner self, this is definitely the place. Chiang Mai is also a center of the Lanna culture, which means it is dotted with numerous Buddhist temples, and you should expect to see orange-clad monks.


There are also creature comforts in this region that are offered at very reasonable prices. This includes trendy eateries, movie theaters and even 2 western-styled malls where you can do your shopping. Many expats reside around the city center, particularly along the night bazaar that offers breathtaking views of the Ping River.



Thailand largest and most famous island boasts of turquoise sea waters, white sandy beaches, jungled mountains and even rocky outcrops.


Phuket can be the ideal residence for individuals that revel in a center-of-action lifestyle. You can dine on the finest seafood cuisine or satisfy your taste buds in the gourmet restaurants offering sushi, Italian and even Indian delicacies.


There is an abundance of convenience stores brimming with imported foods, fashion as well as furniture boutiques. If you are into sports you can try out any of the world-class golf courses in Phuket or even indulge in sailing escapades.


Some of the ideal neighbourhoods you could find ideal housing include Chalong, Nia Ham or Rawia.


Chia Rai

This region is well off the popular tourist and expat trails and is situated 110 miles away from Chiang Mai. Chia Rai is set on a panoramic landscape that features rugged mountains, waterfalls, wild forests and breathtaking rivers.


Chia Rai also offers convenient access to some of Thailand’s hidden gems such as the Golden Triangle that was once the center of the opium trade between Thailand, Laos and Burma.

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