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Smart Ways to Decorate Your Condo

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Whether you spend all day at home or come home to drop after a hard day at the office, you will no doubt spend a large amount of your time in your condo. We’ve put come up with some fantastic decorating ideas to help make the most of your space.


Choosing the colour scheme for your Bangkok condo is of the utmost importance. Colour can influence your mood and can be an important mechanism in stamping your personality on your home. Orange, for example, is linked with stability and reassurance.  It is also, bizarrely considered to aid digestion.   Green, on the other hand, is said to be calming and restful, which sounds great for relaxing, but it also has a reputation for making people too chilled out or complacent.


Colour is exciting, vibrant and a brilliant addition to any home, but it must be suitable for your condo. For instance, painting a dimly lit condo a dark colour isn’t going to do the space any favours, whereas painting it cream or yellow will help drastically.  It would also be very difficult to decorate a brand new condo with, for instance, a heavily wood orientated ski lodge theme, whereas accentuating its modernity would be relatively easy. Ensure the theme you choose to decorate around is suited to the style of your condo as well as the colour scheme.
Bathroom interior bangkok


Whatever colour scheme you choose for you condo, it is important to ensure the space feels homely without going overboard on the colour. Your condo is your home and it is important to fashion a relaxing and functional living space for you, and your family and friends.


The furniture you decide to buy for your condo will have a large influence on the look and feel of your home. Old and mismatched furniture combined with bright colours can create a funky eclectic style whereas traditional furniture and a cream colour scheme will produce a classy, upmarket look.
Cream Condo Sukhumvit


When selecting furniture it is important to ensure it fits with the style of your condo. If you’re not going for a totally eclectic look, try to use the same wood throughout any open spaces.  This will help to unify the feel of your condo whereas using 50% pine and 50% oak could give the space a disjointed or awkward feel.  You can always go for a different look in closed spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms.


If you are seeking more traditional Thai furniture it would be worth visiting the Chatuchak market, open on Saturdays and Sundays, to find cheaper goods.  Independent boutiques will be slightly pricier but you may be able to have your furniture tailor made, creating the perfect look with bundles of originality and individuality.


Lighting adds a cosy feel to any home.  Swap stark lighting with soft shade lamps to create a more homely feel.  Putting lamps in any dark corners will also help to brighten up your condo.  Placing lamps behind plants can also add a magical glow to your Bangkok condo and adding a touch of green will create a link to an outside space.

Soft furnishings

For a quick way to change the feel of your condo, altering soft furnishings is an easy solution.  Changing the cushions and curtains in your living room can instantly change the feel of the room.  Investing in layers of blankets, cushions and throws for any bed or sofa will also add a sense of style as well as making it especially comfy after a long day at work.


However you decide to decorate your home try to add in your personal sense of style with a mixture of mood, colour, accessories and functionality.

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