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Quickest Ways to Freshen Up Your Bangkok Property

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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We’ve talked before about Paklong Talad the Bangkok Flower Market, but even if you don’t live close enough to enjoy an evening or night visit to this famous Bangkok market there are plenty of flower outlets it distributes to, and it’s still not unusual to see mobile planet and flower vendors on the streets of Bangkok.


It doesn’t matter what condition or state of repair your home or apartment is in, a vase or two of flowers or a few plants strategically distributed around your place can transform a house into a home.


People who like flowers or planets tend to infuse their dwellings with love, care and attention and it’s this effect that a trip to the flower market can achieve.


You may find yourself caught up on an orchard farm one day and suddenly picking out a few hanging baskets to take back and hang on your balcony so you can take in the night air, and enjoy the unique planet life of Thailand and the tropics.


Hanging Blank Canvases

You know the canvases that artists paint on and which when completed cost a fortune to frame and then hang up on the wall?


Well if you know your way around a color palette (and if you don’t there’s always the internet) all you have to do is buy those blank canvases and paint them with a complimentary color to your walls using latex paint.


Quite a few modern art canvases are precisely this anyway but it’s an incredibly cheap and fun way to brighten up and modernize a room.



Not many people realize it but high intensity lighting can be too aggressive and highlight failures instead of successes.


Look around your home and consider investing in low wattage lighting that isn’t going to draw attention to minor wear and tear issues, or the occasional stain.


Low wattage lighting also comes in the fluorescent type bulbs so they can be plugged in or screwed into place and replace more expensive to run traditional lighting bulbs.


A Floor Focus

One of the ways to dramatically change and improve the appearance of your home is to focus on the floor.


Floors require just as much attention as walls and in some ways are easier to renew because only one floor at a time needs changing, unlike the minimum four walls which are usually six and more when we take into account windows and non-symmetric rooms. The idea is to complete change the surface of your selected floor.

Maybe it’s just a case of removing the old carpet and seeing what’s underneath.


A floor staining can transform the wood of a floor into a lovely warm place that invites the feet to walk upon it barefooted. Old linoleum can be replaced with carpet tiles or for a fast solution consider buying a new rug to transform your room.


Anchoring a Room

This piece of advice may seem counterintuitive but by buying an expensive, iconoclastic piece of furniture or beautiful table, even the shabbiest of rooms can be transformed.

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