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Quick Tips For Renting A Condo in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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As in any real estate market, there are certain pointers that will help you get a better deal when renting a condo in Bangkok. Luckily, the Bangkok real estate market is quite varied, and it’s quite easy to get exactly what you are looking for with a little guidance. Below are some handy tips on how to get what you want in terms of price and your specific needs when renting a condo in Bangkok.


1. Choose Your Location Carefully


Depending on your reason for staying in Bangkok, the appropriate location to rent a condo will vary considerably. Do you want to be as close to town as possible, in the suburbs, or near major transportation networks? You can also consider factors such as restaurants, or any amenities that factor strongly into your choice on place of residence, for instance, easy access to good hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment centers, and so forth.


2. Be Prepared to Pay a Two-month Deposit


Paying a deposit is an industry standard in the Bangkok for people renting condos and other forms of residential property. In essence, there is no way of going around this. That said, you have to be extra cautious of renters who are willing to take a month’s deposit, there is usually something fishy that you do not know about the condo in question. Basically, if you wish to get yourself a good condo, be prepared to put down a two-month deposit.


3. Know What Different Rental Prices Mean for the Quality of the Condo


In Bangkok, condos come in all price ranges. There are cheap condos, mid-range condos, and even premium condos. In general, avoid cheap condos since they usually have poor plumbing, bad electrical wiring, and will generally come with other problems you would rather not go through on a daily basis. In the least, you should strive to get a condo with a mid-range price if budget is a big issue for you.


You will even get better choices with regard to location by going for a decently priced condo. Obviously, if your pocket can take it, it is always better to rent a high-end condo so that you do not have any limitations on choices of locations, furnishings, and access to important services and amenities.


4. Make a Point of Visiting the Condo You Intend to Rent in Person


Sure, photos can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from your rented condo, but it still does not compensate for the added benefit that comes with visiting the condo in person. Photos can easily make you start imagining things about the place you are looking at, and then get disappointed later when you actually visit the place.


For instance, the place could look bigger in photos, or better furnished than it actually is. Furthermore, visiting a condo will give you a feel of the kind of neighborhood the property is located in, something most photos will not show you. Consequently, make sure that you visit the condo in person before signing any contracts and paying any money.


5. Try To Negotiate on the Price


Negotiations are very common in the Thai business culture, even in the renting of residential properties. Usually, people try to get a 5% to 10% discount on the listed price. If you intend to rent for quite some time, the savings could be quite significant. Furthermore, if you are working with a restrictive budget, negotiating will help you get a better deal while still remaining within your budget limits.




In general, you need to have an outline of what you are looking for when renting a condo in Bangkok. The most important factors to consider include the location and access to amenities. You should also consider some key aspects of Bangkok condo renting culture such as negotiations and payment of deposits. You also need to know what kinds of condo to avoid, and be willing to visit the condo you intend to rent in person.






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