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Moving to Bangkok – Best Ways to Stay in Touch with Family

Moving to Bangkok – Best Ways to Stay in Touch with Family

If you are moving to Bangkok, one of the things you would probably be concerned about is keeping in touch with your family and friends. In today’s world, there are very many ways to keep in touch. You do not have to write long letters anymore and have to wait weeks before you receive a reply, or not depending on if said letter got lost somewhere in the vast mailing system.


Getting connected to people around the world is now as easy as pushing a button and typing in your message. As long as you know just how to do it, you can stay connected even as you stay in Thailand.


Sending letters and postcards is considered a bit outdated now but it is still a viable means of communication, particularly when you don’t have a phone (for whatever reason) or a working internet connection. Postal services will be the communication channel that you can resort to if there is absolutely no other way to get a message across.


A handy option for keeping in touch is the telephone. With the telephone, you can contact anyone anywhere in the world as long as you know their number. This could mean your landline or your mobile phone. You can have a telephone line installed by contacting the TOT Public Company. This is especially useful for those times when your mobile phone needs charging or is not available (again for whatever reason) and you still want to talk to your loved ones.


The internet is your next option. If you and your loved ones are on social media, keeping in touch is the easiest thing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were practically made for this purpose. Get connected and chat for long hours with your loved ones. Of course there are the usual options of purchasing bundles or you can pay for a Wi-Fi connection at a fixed rate and not worry about staying connected.


Video chat from Skype or Facetime will let you enjoy those moments you cannot with your family and friends. If they are willing to carry the computer around the house for you, you can enjoy some quality time with your family while you are away.


If you like, you can also contact your loved ones via email. Email has taken over from “snail mail” and can be used to communicate directly with one or more people at the same time. If you cannot afford to call someone directly, you can also use phone apps like Viber and Whatsapp to communicate. The best thing about it is that as long as you get the internet installed, the rest doesn’t cost so much. It’s practically free.


Communication now is not as hard as it used to be. There are many options for today’s human being to be able to connect with another human being halfway across the globe and it can take up to a matter of seconds. Chat rooms and instant messaging have made it so that you can talk to someone as if they are right next to you even in a different time zone.


Take advantage of these modes of communication and keep your family in the loop about your travels and your adventures.

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