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Maximise Your Condo Living Space

Maximise Your Condo Living Space

If you have just moved into a new condo in one of the choicest areas of Bangkok, you might find that it is a bit smaller than you are used to. However, there are a few special interior design tricks that you can use to maximise the living space in your condo to make it look and feel much larger than it actually is.


Good lighting can really open up a room and make it feel large and airy. Background lighting can be used to achieve a light affect in the main living room. Background lighting such as large floor lamps or smaller table lamps can be fitted with dimmer switches so that you can change the amount of light as well as the mood of the room as you wish. Try experimenting with combinations of lights such as floor lights, ceiling lights, table lights and special pendant lights. Low level lights can illuminate glass sliding doors and mirrors to create an enchanting illuminating effect in your condo.


If you are planning to redecorate your condo, make sure that you select light colours for your walls, wall hangings and furniture. Choose light coloured wooden or plastic furniture and add a few tables that have glass tops that can really reflect the light in your condo. Glass wind chimes and other types of glass ornaments also reflect the light and can create colourful prism effects. Coloured glass vases, lamps and other items all create the impression of light and warmth in your home.


Choose multifunctional furniture that can be used in a number of different ways to really maximise the space in your condo. If you are shopping for a new bed, either select a bed that has a pull-out draw underneath where items such as spare pillows and blankets can be stored, or choose a bed that rises from the floor on sturdy legs, allowing you plenty of room to store items underneath it. Foldaway furniture such as dining tables and sofa beds can also save you a lot of space, and these items of furniture can be folded and stored against the wall when they are not in use, providing you with extra space to roam around your apartment.


Making sure that your ceiling stands out can also add the impression of extra space and light in your condo. A textured ceiling rather than a ceiling that is simply flat and white can also make your condo feel large and modern. If you own the condo, you might want to consider painting your ceiling a bright colour to really draw attention to it. Another good way to make your ceiling pop is to hang colourful pieces of cloth, mobiles and lights to it.


Before you start shopping for furniture and decorations, it is important to make sure that you know the exact dimensions of your apartment so that you know exactly what you are working with. Take the time to measure all areas of your condo so that you know exactly what will fit, and if possible create a floor plan of your condo with rough sketches of where your new additions will be placed.

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