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Living In Bangkok With Pets

Living In Bangkok With Pets

Living In Bangkok With Pets

Due to the size and opportunities available in Thailand, a lot of people from western countries plan to come here and work.


When you plan to leave your home to travel hundreds and thousands of miles, it can create a huge emotional strain.


There’s the strain of moving out of your comfort zone, leaving family and loved ones. Some of these loved ones have a tail, four legs, and even fins.


If you want to bring them with you to Bangkok, you must be wondering whether the city would also welcome your pet.


Areas Where Pet Problems Is Not Really A Problem

Firstly, let’s talk about the areas outside Bangkok, where having a pet possesses fewest problems from real estate point of view.


Let’s say, you are planning to live in a city, such as Khon Kaen or Chiang Mai. In this case, it is quite likely that you’ll be able to find a detached house for a reasonable rate that will also allow you to keep your pet with yourself.


Also, if you are living in Phuket, Samui, or any other resort, then the possibility of choosing an inexpensive detached house is high and should come easy enough.


The only problem that you would need to face can be lack of some facilities such as fitness studios, swimming pools, and security which you usually get when renting a condo.


The location of the property can also be a bit out of the way, so you will need to arrange for some kind of personal transportation like a small car or moped.


Bangkok Is Not Very Pet-Friendly

However, it should be noted that these things can get more complicated when you start looking for pet-friendly properties in Bangkok.


For those who are new to the city and not aware of the traffic problems, should know that it can require you to spend 2-3 hours commuting from work each day if you choose to rent a place away from your workplace.


Although it is highly advised to live as close to work as possible, but pet owners may not easily find a place that can be suitable for them, as well as their pets.


It is very easy for people without pets to find great accommodation under their budget and requirements. But if you have a pet, it is unlikely that a condo or apartment would allow you to stay with the animal.


Even if the owner of the condo is comfortable with your pet, the building association will probably not allow it on account of other residents.



So what can be done? What are your options if you can’t bear to leave your baby back at home? The only solution is a detached house – the only types of properties that allow you to keep dogs and cats with you all the time.


1. As a general rule, condominiums and apartments do not allow pets of any kind.


2. Some condos and apartments may tolerate quiet pets, such as quiet cats.


3. Detached houses allow most pets, but with some sacrifices.


4. Detached houses are older, less value for money and less secure.


It is best advised to not bring a pet along if you are coming to Bangkok for work and it’s temporary. Otherwise, you can always find out options around Bangkok and rent out townhouses to ensure you and your pet can live together peacefully.

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