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Kitchen Design Solutions for Space-challenged Condos

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Living in a city like Bangkok tends to mean less space per Baht in the family condo compared with its more rural counterparts. But, lack of condo space doesn’t always mean more mess and less equipment. Intelligent design solutions and innovative appliances can help any pint-sized kitchen look a million dollars. We’ve come up with some brilliant design solutions to make the most of your kitchen.


Before you start, have a big clear-out. Be harsh on yourself; throw away anything you genuinely don’t use. You can sell any old fondue sets or bread makers, disused plates or surplus mugs to help pay for your kitchen makeover. Also try to get rid of any out of date food or foodstuffs that are rarely used. You can also try to find new places in your condo for kitchen items that are rarely used such as fancy place mats or old appliances that you don’t want to throw away.


There is an endless supply of clever design solutions for small spaces so you can easily compact the same things a standard sized kitchen would have into a smaller space. Corner units or sinks make the most out of awkward spaces and fold out tables can give you lots of extra room to stash extra goodies. You can even design your own Bangkok kitchen online with most major companies. When designing your kitchen try to purchase doors to hide your fridge and freezer as it will create a more inform and stylish look.
If you have the budget, it would be wise to buy slim line appliances. An extra six inches or so on each appliance will enable you to squeeze an extra cupboard into your condo’s kitchen. If you can manage to squeeze a kitchen island in, it will create extra storage space as well as providing extra work surfaces, which can double up as a breakfast bar. Also try to purchase light coloured or reflective kitchen surfaces to create the illusion of added space, which is especially important in a busy city like Bangkok.


Other clever storage solutions include hanging up pots and pants from hooks underneath cupboard units. This will create lots of extra cupboard space and can add a touch of English country chic to your Bangkok kitchen. Purchasing matching pots or jars for your spices or tea will allow you to display them tastefully instead of using up valuable cupboard space.


Choose a light colour scheme for your kitchen. Cream or white will make the room feel bigger. You can always add colour with bright a bright splash back or accessories. Try to avoid any dark colour schemes, as they will make your kitchen feel dark and cramped instead of light and airy.


Make the most of what natural light you have in your Bangkok kitchen. Secure curtains and blinds out the way to let light in. Installing under cabinet lightning will also make it feel more spacious.  Kitchen light can often be stark so it is a good idea to soften it with lamps, lampshades or softer light bulbs.


However you choose to decorate your condos kitchen, try to bear in mind practical space solutions and a style that will make the most of Bangkok city living.


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