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How to Keep Ceiling Height Proportionate And The Effects Ceiling Height Can Induce

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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The height of the ceiling in your potential Bangkok condo may not be the first design concept you consider, if you consider it at all, but it can have a number of effects on the look and feel of your new home – as well as on your psyche! There are also a few design tricks you can pull if you want to change the feel of the ceiling height in your existing Bangkok condo.


Ceiling heights have varied throughout history and as such different types of housing will have different ceiling heights.  An English country cottage, for instance, will have a very low ceiling whereas a grand palace would tend to have very high ceilings and large rooms to create a grandiose feel.  The average ceiling height now is considered to be roughly between eight and nine feet with more luxurious properties holding ceiling heights of around ten feet.


The general rule regarding ceiling height is that a low ceiling will create a cosy and more intimate feeling and a higher ceiling will promote a more luxurious, spacious feel.  When inspecting your potential new Bangkok condo, you will need to consider that low ceilings in small rooms may feel boxy.  It’s all about finding the balance between the size of the rooms and the ceiling height as well as considering your personal preference.  If you feel more at ease in cosy rooms then opt for a lower ceiling height but if you prefer a more spacious and airy feel then go for a greater ceiling height.



It is also important to think about any extras that will be added to the ceiling.  Ceiling roses and coving will have the effect of bringing the ceiling height down slightly so you may want to allow for this.  Additionally, any chandeliers or hanging lights will need to be high enough out of the way to avoid any bumped heads.


There also practical considerations when considering the ceiling height of your Bangkok condo.  A large room with a high ceiling, for instance, will be costly to cool.  A room will a lower ceiling will be cheaper to cool but there may be issues with the space feeling cramped or stuffy.


There is even scientific research to suggest that ceiling height can affect the way you think.  According to the University of British Columbia, people who reside in a spacious room with a high ceiling tend to think openly and in a more ‘out of the box’ manner.  Those in smaller rooms with lower ceiling are said to be more fixated on detail on the whole.  Ceiling height reportedly affects the idea of freedom and confinement, which can alter, thought processes.  So, you can even design your Bangkok condo based around the way you think!


If you would like to make the ceiling in your existing Bangkok condo feel more spacious then painting it a light colour such as white or cream will give the illusion it is higher.  Likewise, painting a ceiling a dark colour will give the illusion the ceiling is lower.


Ceiling heights to not vary greatly, but if you are given a choice, consider the above advice.  Remember the key rules when thinking about ceiling heights are to a. think about the room sizes in your condo vs. ceiling height and to b. consider your personal preference of how a room should feel.


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