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How to Hire and Keep Good Thai Staff when Starting a Business in Thailand

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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A tree will flourish from the healthy roots that we do not see.


They work tirelessly in the background to make sure that the flowers bloom, that the leaves get their nutrition and that the tree itself stands firm.


Just like the roots of a healthy tree, the staff of a company holds up a business. Much as the boss is important in making the decisions, his or her staff will determine the overall performance of the company.


For this reason, if you are starting a business in Thailand, you will need the right staff for the various jobs you have planned. But how would you go about getting and keeping good personnel in your company?


Hiring Reliable Staff

As with any other country, Thailand is full of people looking for work. The major issue is finding those that will do a good job depending on the work you are offering.


You could choose to put up an advertisement on a job search website. This will definitely get you some replies from people with the qualifications you need.


It is advisable to make sure that you specify the position you want filled and ensure that the person is properly qualified for the job before you hire them. Another option is to post in the classifieds in the Thai newspapers.


This may get you some significant replies. The same goes for this method. Make sure the person you are hiring can do the job they are being hired for in accordance with Thai labor laws.


It is advisable to look for people 15 years or older if you are looking for domestic work. It is important to note that workers younger than 18 years of age need permission from the Labor Inspector before they are cleared to work.


Minimum wage must also be taken into account depending on the job and the amount of work in question. If you offer a personal assistant the wage of a casual laborer, you may not get that particular position filled.


There are several job agencies which have trained and vetted personnel ready for hire. These are the most reliable sources there are for hiring staff whether you need domestic workers or security personnel.


They make sure that the workers they provide are qualified and meet all the regulations put forward by the Thai government and the labor laws.


Points to note

Not everyone who replies to your job will be trustworthy or qualified. This does not mean you cannot find good and honest workers willing to work for your company or business.


It is important to make a thorough check of the individual and probably give them a trial run before they are hired.


A good salary should complement a decent workload. Pay attention to labor laws and minimum wage requirements when choosing to hire your staff.


If your workers are doing too much and not being appreciated for it, they may leave and if you hired through an agency, they could complain and the agency may refuse to provide you with any more staff.


The best way to find good staff is to hire them through an agency. The agency goes through the vetting process for you and you can complain if any of the staff you hire do not meet your standards or requirements.


They are also in a position to give you more staff if and when you need them.

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