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Getting on With Your Neighbours

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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When you move into a new condo you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a large number of neighbours. Because of the nature of condos and the fact that most people who live in the city lead extremely busy lives, connecting with our neighbours can be tricky. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of the people of live in condos don’t even know the first names of the people who live next door to them.
Getting to know your neighbours can be important, as these people can be turned to if we have an emergency such as an accident while at home. In addition to being a friendly face when we ride the elevator rather than someone to share an awkward silence with, our neighbours can also help to enrich our lives. When we have a problem with someone else in our building, our neighbours can also provide support and advice.
However, breaking the ice with our neighbours can be a bit difficult sometimes. In the past, people would simply visit different houses when they moved into a new neighbourhood and introduce themselves to their new neighbours. However, this isn’t really the done thing in modern condos, so how exactly do you break the ice?

Making small talk

The next time you share an elevator with someone in your building, try to make a connection. Start by telling the person something interesting about yourself such as a hobby that you enjoy. You might be surprised by how much you are your new neighbours have in common.

Arrange a social gathering

Throwing a party for the people who live in your building is a great way to get to know them. Many condos have shared spaces such as gardens, and these are the perfect places to meet and mingle. You can make posters advertising the event and put them up in the lobby of your building, or add a personal touch that your neighbours are sure to love by finding out their names and slipping personalised invitations underneath their doors. If you do not have a shared garden or a similar space or are not allowed to hold a party there, try to arrange a gathering at a local bar or restaurant, and try to make sure it is somewhere most people will feel comfortable hanging out in.


If you have managed to establish a good relationship with your neighbours, it is important to make sure that you maintain that relationship. Being a good neighbour means thinking about the needs and feelings of the people who live close to you. Try to discover the sleeping and working patterns of the people who live in the rooms next door to you and keep the noise to a minimum when they are sleeping. Make an effort to keep shared areas such as hallways clean and clear and try to avoid slamming your door when you leave your condo. Even a friendly smile or a greeting from your neighbours can really help to boost your day, so it is worth taking the time and trouble to get to know your neighbours and make sure that you get on with them.

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