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Finding Your Feet in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Establishing yourself in Bangkok can sometimes take a little time, especially if you are new to the big city and don’t know many people yet. However, the quicker you make friends and settle into your new life, the more comfortable you will feel. Getting close with both local people and expats who are familiar with Bangkok can really help you to feel at home, and they can provide you with plenty of useful hints and tips to make the transition go smoothly. The easiest way to make new friends as soon as you set come in Bangkok is to get to know your neighbours. Here are a few other suggestions on where to find new friends.

Find a local haunt

Explore your local area and find a restaurant, café or bar that suits your style. Hanging out there on your own may feel a bit daunting at first, but you will soon become a familiar face with the other people that go there. There is a good chance that other people who attend your favourite local hangout spot will also live near to you and they will be able to give you tips on other good places to hang out in your neighbourhood and perhaps introduce you to other cool people.

Attend networking events

Special networking events are held regularly in various venues around the city such as bars and restaurants. These events usually attract large numbers of professional expats and Thai people and are the perfect environments in which to mingle and make connections. You can find details of the latest networking events on social media websites such as Facebook as well as in the local press.

Check out Couchsurfing events

Couchsurfing events are held almost every day of the week in different parts of Bangkok, and these events are attended by a large number of expats as well as people who are just passing through. In addition to a weekly Couchsurfing meeting on Wednesday evenings, there is also a special Sunday evening meeting that is intended specifically for expats who want to meet new people.
Other types of Couchsurfing meetings that are held regularly in Bangkok include a Monday evening quiz night at the Robin Hood pub, wakeboarding on Sundays and badminton on the weekend. You can check out all of these events in advance through the Couchsurfing website and see who will be attending. If there are no scheduled events that really appeal to you, you can even create your own event on the Couchsurfing Bangkok events page.

Reach out through other social networking sites

There are several group pages on social networking sites such as Facebook where people in Bangkok can arrange to meet and share ideas, information or just a few beers. People who are available to meet often post their information on these pages, or if you are feeling brave you can always create your own post and see who wants to meet you.

Get a hobby

Common interests and hobbies are great ways to connect with people and make friends. One of the great things about living in Bangkok is that there are numerous activities just waiting to be joined such as salsa dancing, wakeboarding, football teams and groups of people who like to get together to eat tasty Thai food.
The real secret to finding your feet in Bangkok and making friends is to be outgoing and have fun. While the city and its millions of residents may seem intimidating at times, there are plenty of adventures just waiting to be had if you take the first step and are willing to be bold.

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