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Feng Shui Tips for Your New Condo

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Many people believe that the way your condo is laid out and the placement of certain objects within it can have a big impact on the general energy of your home and also affect various areas of your life. Therefore, before you settle on the condo of your dreams, you might want to pay attention to the feng shui of the condo. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, finding a home with perfect feng shui can help you to live a productive, happy and healthy life.

The location of your condo

Before considering the energy and position of your condo, you should take a look at the building itself. The main entry to the building should be well-lit and feel welcoming. Try to choose a condo on as high a floor as possible, as the fewer condos that are above yours, the lighter the energy in your condo will be. The position of the main door into your condo can have a significant impact on the energy inside. Try to avoid condos that are directly facing either a staircase of the elevator and make sure that the entrance to your condo is uncluttered and faces an exterior window if possible.

Chi Flow

Take a look at the floor plan of your dream condo to make sure that the chi energy is able to flow freely through the apartment. If you face a wall as soon as you enter your condo, this means that the chi energy will be blocked to some extent.
However, if your dream condo does not already have perfect feng shui, do not despair. There are a number of different things you can do to maximise the flow of energy in your condo as well as the amount of good luck that you attract. According to feng shu Bagua, there are eight different areas of your home, and each of these areas directly relates to a different area of your life. By identifying these areas and making sure that they are arranged according to feng shui Bagua you can maximise your potential in all areas of your life.


The easiest way to do this is to get a blueprint of your condo and divide it into eight squares according to a feng shui map. When you have identified which areas of your condo represent the different areas of your life you can then use feng shui to enhance these areas. Placing certain symbols and objects in particular areas of your condo can help to control and enhance the flow of energy. In addition, certain feng shui symbols contain powerful energy and can be extremely effective when placed in exactly the right positions after carefully referring to your feng shui map.
If your condo if particularly small, arranging the feng shui to achieve the right flow of energy can be a bit tricky.
However, placing mirrors in strategic areas of your condo can help to maximise the space and light inside and allow the energy to flow more freely. Try to ensure that all the areas of your condo are separated by using room dividers and try to keep the living, cooking and sleeping areas in particular separate in order to separate the different areas of your life and achieve a good balance.

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