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Experiencing a New Culture When Moving to Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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The culture of Bangkok dates back to several centuries. The archaeological excavations in the northern area of Nakorn Ratchasima prove that people started living here from the past 400 years.


Monarchy played a vital role in the medieval times. But today, Thailand has its own constitution with a rich bout of democracy.


The Religion

People of Bangkok are very friendly and warm. They are too polite to be offensive.

But they as a nation, have borders of behavior which should not be crossed.


Buddhism is considered sacred by Bangkokians. One can locate temples, monks and images of Buddha in most parts of the capital.


Most of the people regard them with intense respect. While entering a temple one should be well dressed and shoes should be isolated. For the people of Bangkok, maintaining their harmony and surface calm is very important.


Anger, direct criticism, arguing are mostly avoided as they feel it hardly serves any purpose.


Gesture To Greet and to Respect

The popular wai is used to express respect and to greet others. Wai is a gesture which requires the person to use both their hands as if they are praying in front of their face.


This gesticulation is considered as a mark of esteem to keep the head at a lower level than that of the older person. It is customary to remove shoes, while entering a house or any private chamber.


The word “Khun” is used as title or first name while addressing any person of equal or older age as a token of respect.


Importance Of Dressing

Appearance is a vital factor in Bangkok. It is important to be well dressed or at least appropriately dressed which reflects the degree of respect you hold for the fellow person.


This is especially important when attending business meetings with Bangkokians.


Nightlife at Bangkok

One thing that every tourist should enjoy is the nightlife of Bangkok. It offers view of several things that needs to be explored.


It invites its visitors to relax at the amazing night clubs or restaurants that provide a 6 course Thai meal, candle-lit dinner, lady-boy show and many more. The glamor of night life blends with the dazzle of night.


Shopping at Bangkok

Bangkok has various malls, markets and shopping arcades. It is a palace of colorful clothes, consumer products, food and every little thing that a shopper would crave for. Things in Bangkok are sold on streets and on foot.


Places like Khao San Road, stalls in Suriwongse, Night Market at Patpong, Silom Raods, etc are the best places for shopaholics. The life at Lun Night Bazar and Ratchada-Lad Phrao junction night market offers visitors with wide varieties of dishes.


One can find infinite stalls of food across the street. Klong Thom Market, originally called Flashlight Market is well popular for assorted goods and second hand material.


It functions from 17:00 and allows its visitors to spend their evening radiantly. Travelling and staying at Bangkok is quite safe and is always flooded with various discount offers to attract visitors.



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