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Best Zoos in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Before you decide to travel to Bangkok you need to do your own research which will enable you to locate the Best Zoos in Bangkok.


Different zoos available in Bangkok will tend to have different types of animals. There are those which will have marine animals while others will concentrate in keeping animals that dwell in the jungle.


Depending on your likes you should decide on a zoo that keep animals that you will enjoy the most.


In case you live in a family where different members of your family will have different likes when it comes to animals, then you need to visit several of the Best Zoos in Bangkok so that all of you will enjoy your adventure.


Here are the Best Zoos in Bangkok that you should know:


Bangkok Butterfly Garden


Here you will be able to see lots of butterflies with Latin names pinned in different places to teach you of their scientific names. There are different types of ferns and wild flowers that you will be amazed to see. In case you are a fan of photography you will enjoy taking photos in a place that is very beautiful. The zoo is open in all the days except on Sunday.


Crocodile Farm & Zoo


This is the place where you will be able to see the world’s largest crocodile farm. In the zoo you will be able to see crocodiles wrestling in different shows. The zoo also forms one of the conservationist research centers of wild animals in Bangkok. Apart from crocodiles you will be able to see other types of animals such as gibbons, elephants, snakes and lions.


There is also a part where children will see skeletons of dinosaurs that will really interest them.


Dusit Zoo


This is one of the Best Zoos in Bangkok. It is a fully functional animal park in Bangkok. It has different facilities such as animal hospital, educational center, canteens and sightseeing train. The museum houses over 1,600 animals which compose of both domestic and international animals. Some animals that you can see in the zoo include Bengal tigers and albino barking deer.


The zoo has been in existence for over 60 years, it actually forms one of the oldest zoos in Bangkok. The total area of the zoo is about 188, 800 square meters.


There are important landscapes that surround the zoo such as the Chitralada, The Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall and Parliament.


Safari World


The zoo is divided into two parts; one part specializes in Marine Park while the other specializes in safari world. It is ideal for kids who will like to explore more. You can take a ride on the coaches available at the zoo where you can enjoy a ride of up to eight kilometers.


Siam Ocean World


This is an underground aquarium that will make you enjoy your time in Bangkok. It is one of the largest zoos in South East Asia. After you arrive at the zoo you will be amazed by over 30,000 creatures which originate from different aquatic regions in different parts of the world.



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