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Best Areas for condo investment in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Buying a condo in Bangkok is an exciting prospect but investing your lifetime’s savings is also going to be, at the very least, a stomach churning decision. The good news is that it is legal to buy a condo if you’re an ex-pat so long as 51% of the building is Thai owned. We’ve scoured Bangkok and found the best areas to invest, to make it easier for you to find your perfect condo.


If you are intending to invest in a condo in Bangkok for rental purposes, the most lucrative areas to invest will be highly business orientated. Areas such as Sathorn and Sukhumvit will naturally attract renters due to high employment rates. Bangkok’s business orientated areas will naturally come with excellent amenities such as shopping malls, banks, hotels and fantastic transport links. Don’t be put off by investing in these areas of Bangkok, not all condos prices are sky high. You will be able to view good range of condos to suit every budget.  Investing in these areas will be low risk, should yield a high rental price and a decent profit when the time does come to sell.


Another option for condo investment in Bangkok is to rent your condo to holiday makers. This tact has grown in popularity as many holiday makers and professionals are choosing to rent condo weekly or monthly to achieve a more homely feel during their stay in Bangkok.


Renting for holiday purposes comes with slightly different rules to traditional rental. It is typical to charge more for a holiday rental. This might sound like a more lucrative option, but you are not guaranteed regular tenants and neither do they usually pay a deposit. If you do choose to invest for this rental purpose, it is wise to go for one that is near to a tourist attraction to maximize advertising opportunities. These areas will, by and large, come with great transport links and amenities. We suggest perusing any condos with a great view of the Bangkok skyline. A spectacular view will always attract renters, particularly if they have a limited time to soak up the view. Also look at condos in the Lumpini Park, Asoke and Phrom Pong areas of Bangkok.


If you plan to live in your condo, and making a profit is merely an after thought, then the best places for condo investment in Bangkok are ones that you feel comfortable in. You can still find some quiet and secluded areas of Bangkok, or modern condos that are in the heart of the fun. Thong Lo and Asoke are great areas of Bangkok for retirement condos if you are considering long-term investment.


Investing in a condo is naturally a big decision but you can rest assured in the knowledge that Asia hasn’t faltered after the baking crisis that rocked the West. The property market not only didn’t collapse but has shown steady progress, making investment low risk.  With your money safe, you can concentrate on finding the perfect place.



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