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Bangkok Kindergartens and Preschools

Bangkok Kindergartens and Preschools

Early Learning

One of the things we are learning about the infant mind is how extraordinarily observant it is and how much attention is focused on storing new experiences and shapes, sounds, smells and colors.


This makes the infant mind one of the most absorbent processing centers known in nature and so the importance of choosing a good Bangkok Kindergarten is perhaps a little more pressing than some new parents may have considered before. The aim with young people is to trigger a lifetime love of learning along with the ability to play, have fun, laugh and get on with other children in a peaceful and caring manner.


International Kindergartens are a terrific way of triggering these skills early in life so that a young person has a full and rewarding life ahead of them.


Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten

Located on Sukhumvit 47 Kids Kingdom is ideally located for residents North of Sukhumvit Road who don’t wish to cross the main artery before and during the rush hour, only to turn around and head back through it again.


It’s based in a peaceful residential area of Sukhumvit where very few cars can be seen during the day. Kids Kingdom aims to offer a range of kids from eighteen months to six years old with a safe learning environment that provides the building blocks for a well-rounded and caring human being.


The teachers receive ongoing teacher training through the IPC or international preschool curriculum which provides the standards required of kindergartens and preschools all round the world.


The curriculum or style of learning is a range of methodologies including objective, play and inquiry based styles of learning that have been shown over the decades to provide the most useful spectrum of brain development in children and young infants.


British Early Years Centre

As you may appreciate from the name, the British Early Years Centre is a preschool and kindergarten for parents of children who appreciate or aspire to having an English sensibility inculcated into their children.


This doesn’t mean that international standards are excluded or little bowler hatted children are produced with a plummy accent, but that English play learning styles and nursery rhymes and so forth are implemented should the child have to return to the UK and connect with a cultural background that has its own unique characters and stories.


The British Early Years Centre is based on Paholyothin Road which runs roughly speaking North and South of Bangkok so even though it is a dense traffic jam during rush hours there are less people aiming to cross it outside of the major intersections than say Sukhumvit Road which is a serious dividing artery.


The school has a particular focus on offering a healthy and nutritious menu for all the children that includes top of the range organic ingredients that make up the recipes for the children’s snacks and meals.


The school has high expectations of its children and finds that when these expectations are healthy than so are the abilities of the children which rise commensurately with the challenge.

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