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5 Shops You Must Visit In Bangkok If You Are Redecorating Your Bathroom

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Truthfully, Bangkok has several great places where you can purchase home décor items, including everything you need to redecorate your bathroom. Some shops will offer great bargains on what you need, while others will give you incredible options in terms of design choices. Luckily, Thailand has a rich home furnishings culture, which means you will find furnishings that will completely blow you away, if you know where to look.


Of all the good places you can buy bathroom decorations, the following Bangkok shops are a must-visit if you want to get the very best Bangkok has to offer.


  1. JJ Plaza

JJ Plaza is one of the most popular destinations for homeowners shopping for bathroom furnishings. This place not only offers a great selection of bathroom redecoration items, but is also has great prices that cannot be matched anywhere else in Bangkok. At JJ Plaza, you will also find exciting designs in home décor items, which you might not be able to find anywhere else in Bangkok. Kind of like a Virginia beach look!


  1. Suan Lum Night Bazaar Shops

Suan Lum offers great products as well as great prices. The bazaar consists of several shops that sell high quality and fairly priced home décor items. More importantly, this shop has a broad selection of home décor items, and you will most definitely find everything you need to redecorate your bathroom in one go. You can buy everything from bath mats, ceramic soap dishes, robes, slippers, curtains and so much more.


  1. Home Pro

You may not always be on the lookout for a great bargain on home décor items, and that’s where Home Pro comes in. This shopping destination provides an extensive list of home décor times, including high-quality bathroom furnishings. Of course, you will have to pay a high price to purchase the items offered here, but the quality and choices in terms of design will be well worth the cost. If you are working with a restrictive budget, you can always find great cheaper places to buy your bathroom furnishings. At Home Pro, you can buy toilet covers, shower heads, wash basins, and even bathroom tiles.


  1. Ethan Allen

If you like your design to have a strong western feel, then Ethan Allen is a good place to shop for your bathroom accessories. You can buy rugs and other home décor items you can use to accessorize your bathroom. Additionally, you can order custom-made décor pieces. This shop is located along Sukhumvit Road.


  1. Central Department Stores

This is another high-end shopping center for bathroom accessories. The products are usually imported, and are available in several great and exciting designs. Generally, you can buy bath mats, shower heads, toilet seat covers and other things you might require in your bathroom redecoration efforts.


Bottom Line

If you are shopping for bathroom décor items in Bangkok, you will be pleased to know that you have several choices when it comes to potential high-quality shops. Thankfully, home décor is a big deal in Bangkok, which means you can get the best of everything you want by visiting some of its top shops. However, even though there are many shops at which you can buy stuff to redecorate your bathroom, the five shops listed above have the best of what you need in terms of quality and price.

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