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5 Of The Best Mobile Travel Apps

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Your mobile phone is among the best pieces of technology that can easily help you when travelling. There are various travel apps which you can install in your android phone to make your trips easier, enjoyable and less stressful. Here are 5 of the best mobile travel apps which you may consider for a perfect travel companion.




It is a great app that gives your family and friends your real-time and exact location while on the road. It allows them know where you are, when you will be arriving and when you may meet up. It is ideal for road trips since you are only required to enter your destination and share your ETA with people who want to know your location. It sends a text message to the people chosen where they can view both your ETA and location map.




There are chances that you want to get the best gas deals when travelling. GasBuddy is perfect for this purpose since it shows you all the gas stations that offer the cheapest gas in your location vicinity. It uses crowd-sourced data to let you save money. In addition, Google maps have a better data and maps that make it a preferred choice for the most accurate routes. It features public transportation routes and directions with lots of up-to-date map data that surpasses anything that in-built Map app may offer.




It is a high quality app that blends with iOS 7 feel and look. It is among the best public transportation looking apps. It gives you the real-time data of all public transportation routes in your location. The developers are really working hard to add more cities since it usually common and available for large cities around the world.


Google Maps


It is hard to choose between mobile in-built Map app and the Google Maps. Both have similar features and work in the same way. Most people however consider Google Maps since it integrates with other downloaded apps for an improved user experience.


Triplt Pro


The pro Triplt version is a popular travel companion app in the market. It does a great job of taking trip data from email confirmations and converting it into easy-to understand formats for easier storage in given apps. For instance, it lets you know about gate changes and flight delays by sending push notifications. It forwards confirmation messages from chosen senders who may include airlines and bus companies. The forwarded emails help you organize all your activities into a single itinerary that you can view on the screen of your phone. The app is ideal for anyone who needs to know about flight delays and gate changes immediately.


It is obvious that you want your phone to help you when travelling. Make a bold step towards your dream by making sure you have the above apps installed in your phone. They will help you master your new location at a budget without confusion. Nevertheless, there are other many travel apps in app stores which are used for other travel purposes that include letting you look for the best rental cars, flights and hotels.

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