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5 Myths About Thailand

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Thailand gets a lot of attention around the globe. The downside to this is that certain myths have popped up about the country among foreigners over time. Below are some common myths about this popular tourist destination you should be careful not to fall for.


  1. Thailand is Only Good for Sex Tourism


There is no denying that Thailand’s party scene and nightlife has few rivals around the world. Sex tourism is a difficult truth about Thailand. Nevertheless, this is not all that this great South East Asian country has to offer. Firstly, Thailand’s cuisine is arguably the most favorite to foreigners all around the world.


An experience of the country’s major dishes will keep you falling in love with the country over and over again. Additionally, you can visit historic sites and enjoy the vibrant social life that major Thai cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai have to offer. The country also has several beaches and vast wildlife that are sure to keep you fascinated throughout your stay. Of course, if you like partying, there is enough of that as well.


  1. Thailand is Not Safe


Thailand may not be a first-world country, but there is no reason to think that you will be unsafe during your stay in the country. The country is called the land of smiles for a reason. The people are very friendly, and as a foreigner, you will feel very safe mingling with the locals and other foreigners. Of course, you should heed to tourist travel advisories about certain regions of the country. However, as long as you stick to areas that are popular among tourists, of which there are in plenty, you will be safe.


  1. The Ice is Unsafe


It is widely known that Thailand’s tap water is not safe for drinking, hence, the ice is also considered unsafe for consumption. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The ice available from retail vendors is usually bought from factory manufacturers, who use filtered and safe water to during its manufacture. Therefore, you do not have to worry about using contaminated ice that might get you sick.


  1. Thais Use Chopsticks When Eating


The assumption that Thailand, an Asian country, would predominantly use chopsticks is understandable, but it is nonetheless not true. In fact, chopsticks are considered foreign to Thailand. Over the past century, the spoon and fork have become the primary means of eating in Thailand, and even these were only introduced as an alternative to eating with hands, which is also still part of the Thai eating culture.


  1. Living in Thailand is Expensive


As a popular global tourist destination, most people mistakenly think that it costs a fortune to lead a decent life in Thailand. This is not true. A city like Bangkok may attract more tourists than London, but life there is very affordable. Common street dishes cost less than $5, with some costing even less than half this amount. Transportation and rent is also quite low in comparison to the West. Generally, if you can afford a decent life in Western countries, you can lead a great life in Thailand.


Final Thoughts


Some of the things Thailand is best known for, for instance, sex tourism, have led some people to believe that it’s all the country has to offer to foreigners. This common myth and many others about Thailand such as lack of security, unsafe ice, and so forth are all not true. Thailand is a great country to visit with numerous interesting things and high levels of security.

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