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12 Things to Think About When You Rent a Condo in Bangkok

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Thinking about renting a 50-sq. m. condo in Bangkok for 18,000 baht a month? How about a 35,000-baht a month two-bedroom unit in Silom? These offers can be tempting to anyone who wants to rent a condo in Bangkok. But hold your horses before grabbing an interesting offer from a friendly landlord. Anybody who wants to rent an apartment must think of these 10 things first before handing out his first month’s rental payment.

1. Location of the Condo for Rent

Is the condo near your workplace? Is it accessible to your kids’ school? Is it near the supermarket, hospital, fire and police stations, public park, and entertainment centers? Almost all potential Bangkok condo renters put location on top of their criteria when selecting a unit. A wise renter would know that location determines the value of an apartment. If you’re in search of a unit near the BTS Skytrain so transportation is no hassle, expect to shell out a higher price. If you’re limited with your budget, try cheaper but high-quality apartments outside the Central Business District (CBD) area. Location is this important when choosing a condo for rent.


2. Condition of the Condo

Is the rental unit in good condition? If so, does it justify the rental fee that is asked from you? If not, will you still be waiting for the landlord to renovate the space before you move in or will it be leased as is? Consider this issue so that you can get your money’s worth at the end of the day.


3. The Size of the Condo for Rent

Think about the size of the rental unit. Is it enough for you and your family or is it fit for a bachelor only? Does it have extra space that you can split with your friends? Do you need additional area to set up your personal fitness equipment, musical instruments, furniture, artwork or appliances? Is a balcony important for you so you can spend cold evenings with a fantastic view of Bangkok’s skyline? Remember, the larger the size of the apartment, the higher rent you’ll have to pay.


4. Rental Fee

How much will it cost you to live in a particular apartment? Is the price worth enough to justify the features of the place? Remember to set aside 30 percent of your monthly income for your rent and the cost of utilities. This will keep your expenses manageable. Like in other countries, Bangkok landlords will normally ask you to pay a two-month deposit and one-month advance before they hand you the condo’s keys.


If you cannot understand some terms in the contract, don’t think twice about seeking help before you sign the papers. Understand that not only the landlord can clarify things for you. Bring along a friend with knowledge in apartment renting or a real estate lawyer if you have the time so that the contract can be carefully reviewed.


5. Other Fees

Will you be paying for additional costs such as utilities, home owners’ association fees, etc. according to the landlord? Do you have a free car park? If not, how much extra charge will you be paying for? The landlord must be clear on these other charges so that there’ll be no complications once the rent’s due comes.


6. Length of Lease

How long can you rent the condo? If the contract says that you must stay at least 12 months, what will happen if you terminate the contract? You need to clarify these matters with the landlord too.


Also, can you move in on the first day of the lease or will you have to wait several days before the unit is tidied up by the landlord? Be very clear with your landlord about this as some renters have a need to relocate urgently.


7. Living Arrangement

Are you comfortable sharing the condo with someone else so you can save on your monthly rent or do you prefer to live on your own so you can have your much needed privacy? Living arrangements can certainly influence the size of apartment that you would live in. If you’re going solo, then a 30-sq. m. condo can just fit in your needs.


8. Amenities

Does the rental unit come with amenities such as free use of the swimming pool, fitness gym, sauna and sports facilities? If not, will it cost you cheap if you use these facilities?


9. Hobbies and Interests

Do you have special activities that you wish to maintain while you’re living in an apartment? For example, do you prefer an environment free from the bustling Bangkok traffic so you can do your yoga exercises any time of the day? How about gardening so you can put your green thumb into use? Do you wish to keep pets inside the apartment should the landlord allow you to do so? Consider your interests and how you could maintain them in your new rental unit.


10. Apartments Rules

Are you amenable to the set rules by the landlord once you move into your condo? If smoking is unregulated in the entire complex, will you be able to adjust especially if you’re a non-smoker? Will you be willing to cooperate with the other renters should there be a change in the apartment rules?


11. Safety

Never compromise safety just because you find the rental unit attractive. There have been many cases where renters were too excited to move in yet they soon realize that the entire apartment complex’s lobby is prone to flooding.


How about your safety against burglars? Is the apartment complex located in a gated community so that visitors are screened? Be sure to ask your landlord about these issues.


12. The Landlord

During your initial meeting with the landlord, do you think you can trust this person to carry out his duties to you as a renter throughout the term of your lease? You should feel comfortable communicating with him so that whatever issues you may have during your stay, your requests can be easily addressed.


Now that you know these factors, consider each one of them so that your potential rental unit is a sure bet and you can save your time and effort in your Bangkok condo search.

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