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Why Do People Choose to Live in Thailand

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Many people who have been in Thailand end up revisiting the country or living there. There are many reasons that urge people to return to the country. Thailand visitors connect well with the culture, food, people and everything that the country has to offer. The following are some top reasons why people choose to live in this country.


Delicious food


People who are yet to eat the authentic Thai food are missing out a lot. Thai cuisine is among the best food in the world. The food features a wide variety of meals and flavor that makes it very delicious. The food has additional kick that makes your mouth dance with flavor while eating.


Outdoor stalls and food outlets along the streets of Thailand serve the cheapest and best Thailand food. In addition, the country hosts lots of international foods which are usually bought by expats and tourists around the country.


Warm weather


Every person wants sunny and warm weather during their vacations and travels. Thailand is an ideal place to live for people who love the sun. It offers a great alternative to people wanting to get away from the cold winters in the west. Residents are always comfortable wearing plain shirts and shorts since the country has tropical climate.


Friendly locals


Thailand has the nickname “the land of smiles” for a reason. When you arrive in the country you will notice that people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Locals do not like confrontation and will always try and solve any issues amicably.


Postcard perfect tropical islands


Many people, especially tourists and foreigners love spending time in the beach. One can comfortably sit on the sand and swim for many hours during warm weather. There are some perfect and pristine beaches and islands in Thailand, although the country has developed a lot over the years and this has ruined many beaches.


The best islands include Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Ko Adang, Ko Lanta and of course the main southern islands of Phuket and Koh Samui.


International environment


Thailand has many expats and tourists which gives it a very cosmopolitan and international feel. There are many global food chains, Hollywood movies, Starbucks, stores and international restaurants in Bangkok and the larger cities. If you were to head outside of the main cities and venture further afield, you will find a whole different picture.

Many of the North-eastern provinces lack English-speaking people and these provinces are also very poor. Many children head to larger cities when they turn 18 to find work and send money back to their families.


It is cheap


Items in Thailand are very cheap and affordable. You can spend $4.00 on food for a single day including snacks and drinks. Most foods by the street vendors cost $1.00 while private accomodation charge as low as $10.00 per night. A large apartment in the centre of Bangkok costs as little as $300.00 per month which is extremely good value for your money.

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