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What You Will Probably Miss When Living in Thailand

What You Will Probably Miss When Living in Thailand

For most people living in Thailand is, overall, a rewarding experience. However, from time to time, you may find yourself reminiscing about life back home.


Here is what you will probably miss when living in Thailand.


Your Family and Friends

Obviously, once you set up a new home in Thailand, you will be several miles away from your family and friends. The distance will obviously take a toll on these relationships, and you will find yourself missing them from time to time. However, if you are well prepared for your stay in Thailand, this should not be an issue since you can find new friends and have a full social life.


Western Food

Many expats, despite falling in love with Thai food at the first bite, find themselves missing common western dishes. This is especially the case for people who find the spicy Thai dishes too much to handle. Nevertheless, with a broad selection of Thai dishes that do not feature strong spices, as well as food outlets that serve western dishes, you can always find a way to cope. You can order pizza and burgers, although the quality might not match what you are accustomed to at home.


Western Home Furnishings

Many westerners accustomed to enjoying certain luxuries homes back home may find themselves missing these conveniences after moving into Thailand. Normally, apartments and condos do not feature some of these conveniences unless you specifically request for them. Therefore, before you can get your home outfitted with these conveniences, you will certainly find yourself missing life back home.


The Snow

Thailand is a tropical paradise, which means that there is no snow. If you liked winter and snow back home, you can find yourself missing such weather from time to time, especially around major global holidays such as Christmas. Nevertheless, you will not miss the summer, as there is plenty of sun in Thailand. Furthermore, if you went to Thailand to get away from cold climates, you will might not miss western weather at all.


Better Traffic

Thailand’s traffic jams are legendary; so are the blatant traffic rule violations by many road users. Some of the roads are filled with potholes. It is also common to find many vehicles on Thai roads which are not roadworthy. The traffic control also leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, in case of accidents you can never be sure whom the police will place the blame on, although there is a bias against expats in such matters.



Without a doubt, Thailand hosts numerous sports. Nevertheless, you might miss the attention your favorite sports get in your home country, especially if you were used to going out to enjoy sporting events with your family or friends. Sometimes, your only option is to enjoy your favorite sports on television, probably by yourself, because they are not considered a big deal in Thailand.



Thailand offers a completely new life experience. Understandably, this drastic change in lifestyle is likely to result in you missing the things you used to enjoy back home. Some of the things you are likely to miss include, family and friends, foods back home, western home furnishings, cold weather, orderly traffic, and some of your favorite sporting events.

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