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Thailand “Land of Copied Goods”

Thailand “Land of Copied Goods”

Thailand may possess the proud moniker, “Land of Smiles”, but to those familiar with its notorious retail culture, a less appealing description, “Land of Copied Goods”, has arisen about this beautiful country.


This latter description fully describes the Thai shopping scene, which is flooded by replicas of popular luxury brands.


Below are more facts you need to know about Thailand as the “Land of Copied Goods”.



Copied Goods Sold Openly

Shoppers love Thailand, especially those who love copies of famous luxury brands.


In Thailand, fake goods are sold openly in many of the popular shopping centers. In these places, you can buy popular clothing brands such as Prada for a small fraction of what the originals cost.


In some countries, it may be unimaginable to display fake goods so openly, but not Thailand.



Best Places To Buy Copied Goods

There are several popular places to buy copied goods in Thailand, especially within Bangkok’s hottest shopping places.


Some places, for instance, MBK in Bangkok, caters to a lot of tourists and offers a broad selection of fake goods.


Of course, there are other popular places such as Bangkok’s Chinatown where you can buy a genuine-looking replicas of your favorite luxury brand.



A Broad Selection Of Fake Products

Thailand has literally a fake version of any imaginable popular brand in the world.


The fakes include clothing items from brands such as Prada handbags.


You can also buy fake Rolex watches. It is also possible to buy fake shoes, pens, and so forth.



As Good As The Real Thing

These fake products are so good that at times you would have to be an expert in what the original should look like in order to tell the difference.


While this may work out in your favor as you walk around with your fake clothing items, you should know that they do not offer length of service, which is what you would get from the pricier genuine product.



Fake Goods May Get You In Trouble Elsewhere

Some countries are not as laid back in their attitude towards fake goods as Thailand is, particularly in western countries where the originals are usually manufactured.


Some of the customs and excise authorities will not want to know whether you bought the fake products for personal or commercial use.


Therefore, in addition to losing your fake goods, you may end up paying substantial fines.



Is The Thai Government Fine With Sale OF Fake Goods?

Traditionally, vendors of fake goods have gone about their business without much bother from law enforcers.


However, bribes were involved in some cases to make the police look the other way as fake goods sold openly in the country.


However, once in a while, police conduct operations to nab vendors of fake goods. Nevertheless, after a while, the goods make it back to the open market with a vengeance.


So in a way, the copied goods market continues to operate as usual in Thailand.




Thailand has earned the reputation, “Land of Copied Goods” for a reason.


Firstly, fake goods are sold openly, even in popular shopping districts.


Additionally, the authorities do not seem keen on ending the trade completely.


On the other hand, this market attracts a lot of people due to the huge selection of products it offers and their stunning resemblance to the originals.


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