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Student Accommodation Bangkok

Ask any student, getting ready for their first year of college, what their main points of concern are regarding school and the issue of student accommodation in Bangkok will likely be on their list of issues. The challenge of being away from home and living on your own is a giant step from adolescence to adulthood.
Accommodations for college students in Bangkok, Thailand are an issue for students here just as much so as in other parts of the world. As such, in this article we will briefly explore some of the key points about off campus housing in this city of 12 million.


If you are a foreigner, or “farang” student coming to Bangkok to study for a semester or two, you may want to have your student accommodations in Bangkok arranged before you get here.
This is possible to do with a minimum of effort and it will provide peace of mind for both the student and the parents of said student.
Apartments come under three general categories. Budget accommodations running from 2 to 8 thousand baht per month. Mid-priced apartments in the 8K baht and up price range and then the upper or higher priced accommodations that are generally going to run at least 20K baht per month.

For the sake of brevity, let’s concentrate on the mid-range options. Online shopping for an apartment for rent may seems like a risky business but there are several websites operated by reputable agents that provide a very detailed and accurate description of what you can rent and what you are getting for that rent. From a practical standpoint, this is a painless and efficient way to search out and secure housing for a student.


If you are going to live in an apartment while attending college, then it will behoove you to find one that is reasonably close to the college as the traffic situation in Bangkok is notorious and well deserved of its terrible reputation.  Because there are so many colleges in the Bangkok metropolitan area, we will narrow our discussion of the housing situation to three popular institutes of higher learning.

Chulalongkorn University

First up is Chulalongkorn University. This is appropriate because Chulalongkorn University was the very first University established in Thailand in 1917. Today it is closely associated with medical and international education as well as being home to 40,000 students.


Chulalongkorn is located in Pathumwan district in the center of Bangkok with good access to the elevated train, subway, taxis as well as the University shuttle service.
Asking the students who study there about the Student accommodations that are available and you will get a mixed response for recommendations of where to stay. On campus housing is the way to go for first year students in general, but most of the students that are in their second or third year will tell you that off campus housing is relatively cheap, clean and well maintained. They will also tell you that there is a wide range of prices and a huge selection of apartments to choose from.

Mahidol University

Next up is Mahidol University. This school has three main campuses. The Salaya campus is located on the outskirts of Bangkok proper in a semi-rural setting. This campus is used by most 1st year Thais and also its International student population. Buses, Vans and the campus shuttle run between Salaya and points of interest within Bangkok, so getting around is no problem. There are a lot of off campus housing options such as ASEAN House, Prachakorn International house, and the Mahidol International condominium to name just a few.


Phayathai campus is located near Victory Monument and is very close to some of the most exciting and entertaining attractions in Bangkok. Off campus housing is very plentiful with individual rents from 2-4000 baht. There are many Student accommodations available like Rangnum apartments and Sasa International house to name a couple out of many.


The 3rd Mahidol campus is the Bangkok Noi location right alongside the Chao Phyara River near the Siriraj hospital which is connected to this campus that focuses almost exclusively on medical sciences education.


Transportation in and around this campus is easy with the usual compliment of taxis and tuk-tuks as well river ferries. Student Housing off campus is plentiful and accessible both physically and financially. Rooms will run between 4-5000 baht per month at locations such as the Ruen Indra Court, Pinklao Apartments and Sathita apartments.

Kasem Bundit College

Lastly, Kasem Bundit College is a private college here in Bangkok that was officially started in 1987. It is located in the main part of Bangkok and as such is accessible to most services and businesses that a student would need in Bangkok.
While housing and apartments in the area are plentiful, there are a lot of rather expensive facilities that may be out of the price range of the average student. There are two ways to search out a good deal in housing if you are attending Kasem Bundit. Either poll some of your friends or a classmate for leads on reasonable off campus housing or else recruit the assistance of one of the many housing agents such as Bangkok Condo Finder.  They have the experience and the access to provide you with the right location, facilities, and pricing for any accommodation.

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