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Sightseeing on a Budget: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think in Bangkok

Sightseeing on a Budget: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think in Bangkok

You do not have to be a wealthy tourist to enjoy your stay in Bangkok.


Although some of the major attractions certainly require deep pockets, there are a lot of things you can enjoy in this Thai city without much money.


Read on to find out some of Bangkok’s sightseeing options for visitors on a budget.


Don’t Involve a Tour Company

Tour companies will charge you more for visiting major sightseeing destinations.


Furthermore, they will be more restrictive with their time and choice of sightseeing destinations.


To make significant cost cuts and improve the effectiveness of your visits, you should travel to desired destinations through private arrangements.


This way, you can fit your schedule around crippling traffic jams and ideal sightseeing times; not to mention you can also visit as many places as you want.


Transport in Bangkok is Cheap and Easily Accessible

Getting around in Bangkok is quite easy. There is the Sky Train, taxis, tuk tuks, bicycle rentals, and for some cases, you can even travel on foot.


Transport is very cheap, which means it will do little damage to your budget, unlike traveling with a tour company.


Fortunately, the high influx of tourists means that all taxis know how to get to all major attractions within the city, for instance, The Grand Palace.


Many Sightseeing Destinations Charge Little or No Charge

Many of Thailand’s cultural attractions do not charge anything at all. For instance, you can visit various temples within the city at no cost, although it is common for visitors to leave a little donation of about a dollar.


Other major attractions, for instance, Khao San Road, will not require you to spend much, since you can just walk through this famous tourist attraction and experience the Bangkok city life first hand.


Other places you can visit include Chinatown, the floating markets, unusual buildings such as the Giant Dragon Tower and exciting recreational parks.


Additionally, for a little money, you can enjoy the top sights in Bangkok, for instance, The Grand Palace, which also includes the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew).


The cost for the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew is only 250 baht, which is approximately $7.8.


Also, places such as the temple of the reclining Buddha among other Bangkok temples usually cost less than $2, which someone on a budget should be able to afford.


You Can Hire a Bicycle or a Motorcycle

Bangkok is very friendly to riders.


There are designated bicycle tracks and you can easily access many destinations using a motorcycle, which you can hire for less than $10 a day.


Furthermore, a bicycle or a motorcycle gives you a much better access to cultural attractions and the city’s breathtaking scenic beauty. You can even enter the train with your bicycle.


So There You Have It!

Bangkok has a lot to offer sightseers, even those who do not have a lot of money at their disposal.


Many breathtaking sights do not require the payment of any fees, and those that do; the charge is usually a few dollars, which a frugal traveler can afford.


Other ways to spend less is to travel through private arrangements instead of involving a tour company.


Fortunately, Bangkok offers very easy and cheap transportation, which makes sightseeing in Bangkok much easier than you think, even on a restrictive budget.

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