What Will Thailand Be Like in 50 Years?

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Thailand is an amazing country; there is no doubt about that. The old traditions are still carried forward, the people are friendly and helpful and the monarchy continues to reign. There are many things to experience in Thailand. One question you may ask yourself is where this country will be in the next 50 years. For any proper answers to that question, you may have to look at Thailand now and fifty years in the past.


Fifty years ago, Thailand was helping in the Vietnam War. Siam University had just been established as well as the Ban Thaen District. The Udon Thani Diocese was also promoted to this rank in that year. The current King of Thailand was still in power then. Cultures were mostly similar and Buddhism was still the main religion then.


Today Thai culture has more or less evolved to suit the times. The country has all the modern amenities of the western world but has managed to still keep its rich culture going. The king of Thailand still reigns and the royal family is highly respected. Buddhism is still the main religion of Thailand and monks are treated with the utmost respect much like they were in the past. Modern technology may have transformed some of the activities to make them more suitable to the times.


In fifty years, one can really only guess what will happen. With all the things going on around us it is somewhat easy to paint a general picture of the future of Thailand.


Buddhism has been the religion of Thailand for a long time. It is safe to say that this will continue to be the case in fifty years. People will still adhere to Buddhist laws. Buddhist monks will still be responsible for the various Buddhist practices and taking care of the temples. It is one part of the tradition of Thailand that will not change in a hurry, probably even in one hundred years. Other religions may still exist in that time and have grown somewhat as well.


The weather systems of Thailand have been rather steady over fifty years. However, global warming is threatening to change this. Bangkok, which lies roughly in the central area of the country, is predicted by scientists to be completely submerged in fifty years. If the polar ice caps continue to melt and the sea levels rise, it is not very hard to see how such a thing could happen. Unless something changes in the next few years concerning environmental preservation, this grim future could come true.


The monarchy has ruled over Thailand for a long time and will probably still continue to do so in the future. Even with a democracy, the king still holds some power over the country. It is unlikely that this will change very fast. There may be a new king by that time, but the monarchy will no doubt still remain.


Thai culture may continue to thrive even after all those years, depending on whether the generations of today pass the information down to their descendants. Technology may have evolved in that time and people may be using the latest gadgets. History books will tell of today’s achievements and famous people.


The people of today may all pass away saving the few blessed enough to see the newer generations and their achievements. A lot can happen in fifty years. Until that time comes, we won’t truly know what this beautiful country can be capable of.

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